When I was a youngster I remember my parents and grandparents telling me that my health was the most important thing in my life 'because without it you can't do anything' or words to that effect. I wonder if they knew they were imparting ancient wisdom to me?

It is now obvious to me, that as a society, we don't live in accordance with this parental advice and neither do the parents that give it! Most people do not make their health their number one priority in life but rather they pursue materialism and sex to try to fill a bottomless pit; which of course can never be filled!

This is why rich and famous people still die unhappy - they are unfulfilled and incomplete. They starve their souls of real love in favour of the orgasmic power they feel from the control they have over their loving, adoring fans / subjects / colleagues / employees / congregations etc.

Of course this doesn't only apply to the rich and famous but to all of us that pursue money and fashion more hotly than we pursue God. And I'm not talking about God in a religious sense because religion is part of the problem and proven not to be part of the solution. Anyway, let's get to the subject matter.

What is Psychological Stress? How does it affect us physiologically? What can we do to avoid it? And how can we cut it out of our lives if we already suffer from it?

I've spent many years as a Stress Counsellor, helping people with weight loss amongst other things. It may not surprise you to know that stress and obesity are linked, not in every case but certainly in the majority of cases. Sometimes people carry excess weight simply because they have a greedy attitude and this is normally associated with diabetes too. Other people will carry excess weight because they won't 'let go' of other people or things. And some will carry it because it's kind of a 'love test' for their partner when the original passion has gone.

For the most part the one word that links weight gain to stress is compromise. I have found that when people's lives are compromised they are stressful and this can manifest as obesity, chronic fatigue, skin problems, arthritis or hypertension and can even be a factor in debilitating diseases such as Parkinson's disease. Stress is all about compromise.

For instance, do you really enjoy the work that you do or are you just there for the money? If it's 'just the money' then that is the compromise - money. Do you really love your partner or are you habitually addicted to a compromise in your mind? You may tell them that you love them but is that really the truth? You may be fed up with the lies you get from your partner but what about the lies you tell? Double standards are a compromise to the truth of your being. Are you starting to get the picture?

Going to work for 8 or more hours a day and doing a job that you don't really want to be doing is enough stress for anyone! So what is the alternative? It is to quit and go and do something that you really want to do. You can't do that? Why? You'll find that your answer is the compromise that is causing you to be stressed and one of the reasons you're not in perfect health.

I remember I had this 20 stone bloke come to see me for weight-loss counselling and I questioned him about his lifestyle, and I couldn't find any reasons why he was obese. He ate a good diet. He ate at regular, frequent intervals and in small quantities. He wasn't greedy. He took regular exercise etc. We then started to talk about his business and the problems he was having with his business partner, the fact that his partner was lying to him. The intuitive coin suddenly dropped and I understood it all. I paused him and hit him straight between the eyes (metaphorically speaking!). I said, "what about all the lies you tell?" He now had nowhere to hide and it all came out.

I explained to him how his thyroid gland responded to the consciousness of truth, and how being a compulsive liar had caused his thyroid to malfunction thus slowing his metabolism and causing him to put on weight. The hormone flow from the thyroid is sensitive to any untruth, whether it be an outright lie, half-truth, withhold, not speaking up for yourself when you should, saying one thing and meaning/doing another; and living your life for other people instead of living it for yourself. Any of these reasons will cause your thyroid to malfunction and cause any of the symptoms mentioned earlier.

It follows then that to eradicate stress in your life you have to be truthful to yourself and with everybody else. You have to live and speak your truth without duality. If you don't do that, I promise you, you are going to have health problems sooner or later in your life. It may just be eczema or chronic fatigue but you'll get at least one symptom. It should now be understood that if we want perfect health then we have to systematically eradicate all stress (compromise) from our lives. We either have a compromised life and live with the diseases of stress or we enjoy perfect health. It sounds simple doesn't it?

The traditional methods that health gurus use to alleviate stress only work by masking the symptoms to make you 'feel good'. But when you return to your everyday life from your walk in the country / trip to the health farm / meditation class / yoga class / lunchtime sex / gym workout; guess what? Yes, you're still faced with the life you've designed for yourself that compromises the real you.

So if you are stressed and most of you are, simply ask yourself, where am I compromised in my life? Are you prepared to pay the price of what changing that situation will mean? And how much do you love yourself? Do you love yourself enough to be able to make those changes? If you only love yourself 50% then your health will only be 50%. Now that is simple.

Obviously this article is all about Psychological Stress. We are not talking here about physical stresses such as extremes of temperature or traumatic events such as accidents or sudden losses. Neither are we talking about physical abuses, such as smoking or binge drinking, that put people's bodies under considerable stress.

On a physiological level we are dealing with the involuntary motor responses of the Autonomic Nervous System, which is split into two categories, namely, the Sympathetic and the Parasympathetic nervous systems. This involuntary aspect of your nervous system controls your body responses from sensory input without you having to think about it. For instance, you don't have to think about your heart beating or to produce sweat when you get hot.

The sympathetic motor responses prepare your body for the animal responses of 'fight or flight' by dilating your heart to pump more blood to your muscles and to important organs, such as your lungs, to get more oxygen. The trouble is, our politically correct society, ordinarily does not allow us to fight or run; so our body cells are being bathed in chemical messengers (hormones produced as a result of the stress) without any relief! Our cells are constantly being bathed with molecules of emotion without redemption. And this is happening in our bodies most of the time, and is the reason we get diseases, age and die.

What is happening in our bodies is no different from working ourselves up into a sexual frenzy and then denying ourselves the orgasm. That is unhealthy! What we want is satisfaction if our cells are excited but preferably we want to keep our bodies in a state of calm; if we want to return to perfect health. We must come to a place where the mind and body are calm. This is where we get mainly parasympathetic motor neuron responses that relax the body and allow us to digest our food properly. And of course, a parasympathetic response also lowers our heart rates, conserves our body's energy stores (so we don't need to eat as much food!) and generally preserves our bodies.

Interestingly (so I think), these involuntary body responses can be overridden by conscious mind control as proven by the meditative practices of yogis. Using the power of my mind I have demonstrated lowering my heart rate (whilst being hooked up to an ECG machine) and I have consciously also lowered my blood pressure.

Self-preservation then is about the systematic elimination of psychological stress no matter what the cost is to your existing reality.

Ramtha has taught us that we are all looking for real love. This makes absolute sense to me. I think it's like climbing up a seven-step ladder. On the first step we meet physical attraction and we confuse real love with sexual love (lust). I don't think this needs any further explanation!

On the second step we experience 'attentive love' through the creation of our own pain and suffering. That is how powerful we are - that we can create disease just so that somebody else will love us. For instance, your long-standing partner goes off and shags somebody else and you fall into victim mode by BLAMING the 'son of a bitch'. And because of this VICTIM attitude you create a disease in your body that gives you 2nd level attentive love. You can't give up the disease because of all this attentive love you are now getting, which of course is illusionary. And the more attention people give you and the more they share your victim stance, the more they are helping you to stay sick!

On the third step we confuse real love with 'power love'. This is where we find all the powerful people. It doesn't matter what hat they wear. They can be politicians, royal families, film stars, religious gurus etc. Their orgasm is power but they are insignificant without their followers and they know it.

The subtleties of this illusionary 'power-love' find their way into everyone's relationships. Here's just one example. One partner 'appears' to be the 'giver' and the other appears to be the 'taker'. The giver is kind and generous and the taker is happy to receive and be 'looked after'. The taker is playing 'victim'; doesn't want to take responsibility for himself (herself) and is redeemed for his (her) lack by the giver. The giver, on the other hand, is enjoying the orgasmic power of being the redeemer (subtle eh).

On the fourth step we find real love. We get to this level when we have a modicum of wisdom and have let go of our needs relating to the three lower steps. A greater explanation of the potentials that await us, on the higher steps of this ladder, can be read about in my book entitled 'We Are Here To Know Ourselves'.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and are now a bit wiser about why people suffer from Psychological Stress and thus why they don't enjoy perfect health.

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