Quantum shift two seemingly small words that can encompass the Universe. People can be resistant to change or shifting reality to focus into the 5th Dimension. The Earth shifts, stars, planets we are in a constant swirl of Quantum soup.
The EPFX or QXCI SCIO is a new state of the art biofeedback that reads the human energy field. It includes emotions, and fear along with resistance is the big two that come up during sessions.
I speak from my heart. I used the EPFX to assist myself to heal it took a good year to rebalance all the trauma and return the physical back to a state of homeostasis. My Immune system was shut down and I got everything, tonsillitis, upper respiratory infections, bronchitis, just to name a few. All the while dealing with severe panic attacks, and anxiety. I also was detoxing my body of the fifteen different medications I was told to consume to help me feel better. I had post traumatic stress disorder. I have written a book called Segments of My Soul that explains that journey.
Change once I accepted and embraced it allowed me to heal mind, body and spirit. So when I give advice about change I understand how important it is.

Stress is number one right now for a lot of people, once you balance the stress in the organs, the mind will follow. The EPFX connects to the super-conscious.

The super-conscious always knows the rupture that has created the distress and it is through relaxation training that the stress pattern can release. In order to maximize the Biofeedback we use breathing techniques, visualization, coaching and any other relaxation training method that seems fitting.

Disclaimer: The EPFX does not diagnose or treat illnesses. It is a biofeedback device used for the self-healing capacity of the body. The treatments do not interfere with any prescribed medical care although your physician should monitor your progress due to changes that could alter your present prescription needs and better state of health.

Author's Bio: 

NTBC board certified S.R.S
Doctor of Divinity
Licensed Spiritual Health Coach