I have been communicating with the angels since 1997. The first thing people ask me is “How do you know it’s an angel?”

Since angels are created from the energy of God, they come to us with pure love. The feeling of their communications is pure love, and the words and wisdom is far greater than anything I could have thought up or written myself.

(What happens when I channel. Are you aware?)

I am completely aware whenever I channel. The words flow into my brain so quickly that I can’t get them down fast enough. When I write a story, I have a train of thought in my mind. When I channel, the words Delete repeated word not followed by a “train of thought”, and are often prompted by a question that I ask.

Sometimes, I receive those “coincidences”, better known as synchronicities that are not coincidental at all. For instance, I may be thinking of a name of a person, then they call me and ask for an angel reading.

(What do you know about prayer?)

Are all prayers answered.
Sometimes God says no and in the long run, it was for our own good.
Sometimes we must complete a difficult passage in our life so that our soul is deepened or grows in humility, courage, or faith.
(How do you see God?)

God is a creative energy force of power and light infused in all of us, all things around us, and in angels.

(How do you see science?)
Science is the energy of God that we have tried to figure out. I think that the leaps in quantum physics is the closest we have come to finding God. I think that God is science and science is God!
(Describe angels.)

Angels are made of the same conscious light that God has created all things. I don’t pray to angels, I pray to God. I talk with angels. I will say “God, please send me your angels of light and allow me to communicate with them.”

(Are you afraid of what people will think of you?)

At first, I struggled with the idea of what people would think of me. The angels told me, “It is your free will. We will speak through you. It’s our words, not yours. You are just the conduit for our words, the human vessel for them. Do not fear.”
That really eliminated all my fears. The more I trusted the process, the more the words flowed.

(How do you start the process of communication?)

We all have this ability and our angels are always with us. Our Higher Self is the best of your soul and it links to your Guardian angel.

First, I always protect myself by saying a prayer to God. Being raised Roman Catholic, my prayer is the Our Father, a powerful prayer.

Prayer protects us from just connecting with ghosts, or lost souls. You can also say “God, protect me with the light of angels. Protect me from harm. May your loving angels be present here.” The bible says “Ask and ye shall receive”, and its true.

The bible does caution people against “psychics”. I know that there is wisdom in caution. Intention and prayer guides us to receive a loving connection with God, while simply trying to be psychic may not always lead to highest intentions. Not all psychic people are spiritual. Hitler did study the Occult and a voice spoke to him which protected him from death. He used his life for evil purposes. Not all voices are God sent, you know.

(How do you know it’s an angel from God and not a dark or evil thing?)

Angel energy is always a loving energy. It will never, never put you in a "superior position" to anyone or tell you to do anything harmful or hurtful to yourself or other. Angels don’t tell you what to decide, but will advise you,guide you, or suggest changes which assist your own highest good. They will also know the "bigger picture" of the other people involved and will speak to the other person's highest good too.

They don’t take sides or tell me that I am right and the other person is wrong. Instead, I’ve been asked to forgive or see the other point of view .

(Does everyone have an angel?)
Yes. Each person has a Guardian angel whose purpose is to make sure we stay to complete our chosen life mission.

(What is a soul mission?)

This is our blueprint, plan, or learning our soul has chosen with God before we are born. We have many other angels which manifest and help us at many times during our lives to assist.

(Have you seen angels?)

Yes. I’ve seen spots of light, glowing dots that formed praying hands. I’ve also seen wingless angels, and one with wings. I was surprised, since I read that they don’t need wings. Since I’ve seen them many ways, I think they can appear in anyway that we can understand them and not be fearful. I also heard bells, chimes, and music.

(Why doesn’t everyone see them?)

They don’t need to appear for them to be present. Often, our faith is enough. I was lucky to see them, and didn’t really expect it.

(Did you see angels when you were young?)

No, I sure wish I did. I had a very strong faith and sense of purpose from very young. I knew that my prayers “worked” and God was present.

(Is your life easier because of them?)
My life is much more joyful, not easier, as we all have lessons to complete.

(Do I communicate with other people’s angels?)
Yes, but only with their specific permission to do so.

(How do you do this?)

My angel communicates with their angel and sends the information to me. The process is moved along with prayer, both by me and the other person.The person does not need to be present, I only need to hear their name and their main concern.

(Do you consider this a gift?)

I’ve been able to teach many people how to communicate with them. I think it’s a skill that can be developed by any willing person. I feel privileged to be able to do this.

(Do angels have names?)

They actually don’t need them. They tell me a name if I ask, so that I can connect to the energy. Many times a name they give me will have a “hidden meaning” for the person I am reading for.

(Do you charge for readings?)

Yes, since it involves many days to complete a full communication. I really struggled with this and asked the angels. They have no care about money, but said that my time is my time. I have done many for free and I meet without charge with people. The half hour meeting is often 90 minutes long! A reading takes me about 3 weeks to finish.

(Are there any messages for humanity?)

All the communications I have received have the message of loving each other, caring for the earth, forgiveness, and learning.

(Do evil people have angels?)
Yes, but they are using their free will to override what they are being guided to do.

(Do you believe in Jesus?)
Yes. I also believe that God is too big for one “religion”, and all religions have a piece of truth, not the whole enchilada. I think Jesus is a pure soul God sent with a message of love. I think humanity is still trying to learn the lesson.

(Why doesn’t God just fix everything?)
Humans were given free will as a gift to use to make decisions based upon soul growth and love. It’s up to each person to choose the best alternatives. We are helped and guided, but many don’t listen to the inner guidance and cause harm to themselves or others. Of course, if we are in good alignment with God, situations will still occur, but our faith helps to see us through difficult times.

(Do you get signs?)

Yes, All the time. So do all people. I just notice them because I am aware of them. I often find small white feathers in odd places. The weirdest one was on the fourth floor of a building in New York City in a bathroom stall! It floated right onto me from the ceiling. There is no way that this “logically” could have occurred, yet it did. I find pennies. I literally see “signs”. On one trip down the highway, I prayed for a sign and I saw a “God delivers” truck pass me. I will smell flowers, or perfume. I often feel the cool chills as my hair stands on end. Angel energy is so strong and at such a high vibration, its like standing near a tuning fork. Our soul feels the different resonance.

(Are you psychic?)
Yes and No. I don’t considerate myself psychic. When I do an angel reading, I am connected to the source and I am the secretary. I write it all down. That’s about it. I can feel energy though and have always had a connection to people and how they feel. I was a sensitive child. I do dream, though, and even as a child would often dream of something before it occurred. I can’t control this process though.

(Do you communicate with deceased people?)
No, not intentionally. I have got messages from my dad, and from loved ones who have passed, but I don’t control this process. They sometimes show up and I am just aware of it. Most people are visited by loved ones, and call them dreams, when they are really visits. Sometimes when I do an angel reading, I might get information from a deceased person, but its not typical. I do know people who are good at communication with souls. I caution people to pray and have intentions in the right place before even attempting this.

(Do you read the future?)
The future is not set in stone and can be modified by human soul growth and choice. The angels will allude to future events in readings for that reason. I am an optimist, so with all the gloom and doom out there, I choose to pray and see the best in situations and people, as well as in the future.

(What is the best thing you learned from the angels?)
Trust God. Pray. Love each other. We are not just our body and they see it as a soul container, therefore its foolhardy to have prejudices.

God doesn’t make mistakes in how a person is born. Don’t judge people.

(Are you always successful at following their advice?) I pray, I do my best, as we all are asked to do. I make mistakes. The choice is to learn and progress.

Questions About Angels
Rosemary DeTrolio

Author's Bio: 

Rosemary is an angel communicator, author of Angel Voices, and former elementary school teacher of 32 years.
She is also a Reiki Master teacher and owns and operates Hands of Light by Rosemary LLC. #angelvoices1111