What is Superconsciousness?

Athletes call it the zone. Artists and writers call it the muse. Theists call it enlightenment.

For the rest of us mere mortals, it’s those times when a solution to a problem or name we’re trying to remember suddenly pops into our mind; like when we’re taking a shower, or watching a sunrise, or just quietly daydreaming. It’s a day when everything falls into place effortlessly. It’s those times when we pull into the driveway at home, and we realize that the last thing we remember is logging off the computer at work. For the romantics among us, it’s that time when we knew, the moment we saw her, that she was the girl we were going to marry.

Jeff Belyea, an artist and writer, and 6 Steps to SuperConsciousness seminar leader who lives in Belleair, Florida, says that it is something that we’ve all experienced at times in our lives. He says that we can be trained to tap into it at will, and he says that some people can attune to superconsciousness as a nearly constant state of awakened awareness. He calls his approach to teaching us how to tap into what he often refers to as, “an experience of pure intuitive consciousness,” The Mindgoal Method.

The Mindgoal Method is based on the premise that we spend way too much of our time listening to our own inner chatter, and that by learning to quiet the mind, and make some positive adjustments to our lifestyle, we will tap into a more balanced consciousness. This balance is achieved when the rational mind is “introduced” to the intuitive mind - or what some call the higher mind, or…superconsciousness.

In the 6 Steps to SuperConsciousness seminar, which is also available in a CD package, participants are taught that the secret to tapping into this level of awareness is to put themselves into a “place” where they are peaceful and content with the present moment, and have no desire to change anything at all, at that particular moment. Thinking back to the example of a solution popping into your mind while taking a shower, it begins to make very clear sense. In the midst of a warm soapy shower, while possibly singing a favorite tune, we are in a quiet, peaceful, content, almost blissful state of mind, with no desire at all to change anything at that moment. We are just enjoying the moment…and the solution pops into our mind.

Of course, we can’t spend the better part of our lives in the shower, though we might like to; so how do we tap into this super consciousness? Well, that’s what the seminar and CD programs are all about, but here’s a clue: visualization, meditation and yoga. Jeff Belyea and his wife, Susan, who presents the seminars with him are long-term meditators. Jeff is a hypnotherapist with a PhD in communications, and Susan is a yoga teacher, and she is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a personal trainer.

Do you have a goal in mind? Want to quit smoking, achieve your ideal weight, learn to relax your mind and manage stress better, or maybe even play better golf? The Mindgoal Method may be for you. You’ll find more information about The Mindgoal Method and the 6 Steps to SuperConsciousness seminar at www.mindgoal.com, or you can call Jeff on his direct line at 727-542-7117.

Author's Bio: 

I am an artist, a writer, and a meditation teacher. It is my belief, born of experience, that once we tap into that inherently beautiful, peaceful, joyful, and mystical place within each of us, we are capable of truly inspired work - from successful works of art to success in all aspects of our life, and the achievement of our most cherished hopes and dreams.

The core purpose of my art, writings, and teachings is to offer visual, verbal, and meditative guidance to tapping into our own inner magic - the critical first step that makes everything else possible.