In 1970 Americans spent $20 Billion Dollars each year on weight loss products. Today, Americans spend over $40 Billion Dollars each year. According to the CDC, obesity has more than doubled since that time. From 15% of adults to 33% of adults.

A government study confirmed that 95% of diets fail within 3 years.

So the questions are, "Why do diets and intense exercise fail for most?" And, "What is the solution?"

As a Sports Nutritionist and Personal Trainer, I can tell you why diets are physically damaging.

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, I can tell you why diets are psychologically damaging.

As a man with many years of experience working with people of all backgrounds and sizes, but all of whom share the same struggles; I can tell you what the solution is.

For most people who struggle with their weight, diets and exercise programs are like treating cancer with pain medications. They alleviate the symptoms, but do nothing to address the source.

The implications of what I can tell you cannot be overstated. This will not only help struggling men and women, but it will help parents ensure their children do not fall into the same trap.

The vast majority of people who struggle with their weight have been preprogrammed at a very early age to struggle with their weight.
They've been programmed by their parents, comments, traumatic experiences, advertisements, and one of the biggest is the notion of having to diet and exercise hard in order to lose weight.

The solution is to change a person's automatic actions. The actions they take on a daily basis that they don't even think about.

About 90% of what we do on a daily basis is done without conscious thought.
Our internal dialogue is what compels us to check the mail, to get up and go somewhere, tells us when we're hungry, and tells us to or not to workout. Once our internal dialogue puts the thought in our mind, then we sometimes make the conscious choice to do so or not.

Did you know that we have over 60,000 thoughts each day, but only about 10% of them we actually take notice of? But the 90% of these 60,000 thoughts are responsible for the urges to eat when we're not hungry, to sit instead of stand, and to not be physically active. This is our internal dialogue. And our internal dialogue is produced by our subconscious mind.

People who are naturally thin have automatic actions that support them being thin. The majority of their internal dialogue or thoughts are in alignment with being thin.

If the majority of one's subconscious thoughts aren't congruent with losing weight, they'll continue to struggle with their weight. All the dieting and exercise in the world can't counteract the fact that their subconscious mind has been programmed against it.

If they do lose weight by dieting and exercise, they'll unconsciously sabotage their efforts, gain it back and never know why.
Many people say they have an angel and a devil sitting on their shoulders. One tells them to eat that unhealthy food, and one telling them not to. This isn't a devil and an angel. It's their conscious mind telling them to stay away from the food because they want to lose weight, but their subconscious mind is telling them not to because it's been programmed that way.

Willpower can't override one's subconscious mind. If people knew this, they'd finally understand why they can't lose weight, or why they lose weight and always gain it back.

By clearing the negative programming in one's subconscious mind, and conditioning it to lose weight and be healthy, one will take the automatic actions necessary to lose the weight.

When someone has a job that they thoroughly enjoy doing, they lose track of time. It's effortless to do it. This is because there's nothing holding them back. Both aspects of their mind are in harmony and it's like they're on autopilot when doing their work. This is how weight loss can be, if there's no subconscious blocks preventing them from doing it. When both aspects of their mind are in harmony for losing weight, it'll be effortless. And once something is effortless, it's done in the easiest and most efficient long term fashion.

They'll automatically eat less, eat healthier, become more active, and they'll do so without even thinking about it.

This is the only way for long term weight loss.

Author's Bio: 

Damien Young has been transforming the bodies and lives of people for over 17 years. He is the President and CEO of Stay Young Fitness, Inc., one of the Nation's first In-Home Fitness Companies, employing over 15 personal trainers, nutritionists and sports performance experts. As a professor at one of the World's largest and most comprehensive personal training schools, Damien had successfully certified hundreds of personal trainers around the East Coast. He instructed students in the areas of Nutrition, Exercise Physiology, Biomechanics, Kinesiology, and Business Strategies. Damien sits on the Panel for the Advanced Personal Trainer Certification for the National Personal Training Institute.

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Sports Nutritionist, and highly sought after personal trainer, Damien has a unique perspective of the Mind-Body connection as it relates to weight loss in particular. Damien's vast experience and knowledge in the area of Mind-Body fitness is truly impressive. His unique approach to weight loss is raising eyebrows in the weight loss community around the globe.

Damien believes that the long term answer to weight loss has nothing to do with motivation, or lack thereof. It has nothing to do with genetics, with food, or even a lack of exercise. The answer lies deep in the subconscious minds of all people who struggle with their weight. And that's exactly the area that the Instinctive Weight Loss System targets.