One of the first techniques that I recommend to my client's who want to quit smoking, is to begin visualizing themselves as a non-smoker. Creative Visualization is a technique where you imagine or think about yourself as you want to be. It's like replaying a mental movie about you successfully achieving your goal.

Using the power of Creative Visualization will help mentally prepare you to become a non-smoker.

Creative Visualization steps:

1. Center yourself
With your eyes closed, take a moment to center yourself by taking a few deep breaths while becoming aware of your surroundings (What are you sitting or standing on? What color is it? How is your body touching the earth? Can you feel your heartbeat? What sounds can you hear?)

2. Start visualizing
Think about where you are at this moment. This is where you will begin your one minute visualization. (How much are you smoking per day? How confident and motivated are you?)

3. Enjoy a benefit
Quickly move past your quit date, and create a mental picture of a moment in your first days/weeks as a non-smoker enjoying one of the ways you are going to benefit. (If being healthier is one of your benefits, you can imagine what it's going to be like to breath fresh air into your lungs).

4. Bring in details
Enhance your visualization by bringing in more details into your mental movie. (Where are you? what are you doing? what are you wearing? notice your surroundings, who else is there?).

5. Bring in all your senses
Bring all your senses into your visualization.(what else do you see in the scene? What sounds do you hear? what emotions are you feeling? what do you smell and taste?).

6. Positive affirmations
Give yourself positive affirmations throughout your visualization. (I am a calm, healthy, and happy non-smoker).

7. Visualize each day
Repeat your one minute visualizations at least two times each day. Visualize yourself in different situations enjoying one or multiple benefits at the same time, always imagining yourself how you would like to be as a non-smoker. You may visualize yourself as if you were watching yourself on a movie screen or from the perspective of looking out of your own eyes. The ideal time to begin visualizing is as soon as you think you want to quit smoking.

Author's Bio: 

Darren Hiller is a Board Certified Hypnotist, Stop Smoking Expert, EFT Practitioner, & NLP Practitioner. He has a private practice in Dallas, TX.