Quit Smoking The Happy Way!

You can quit smoking. It's actually quite easy. The only condition is that you have to really want it. Yes, nicotine is the most addictive substance known to man, but you are stronger than that. And the 'recipe' you're about to read really does work; even hardcore smokers have done it and stayed away for good. This includes yours truly.

Read on only if you do want to quit. Otherwise print this and keep it for the time when you're ready.

In my first book, respectively the all-free online adaption, The-Happy-Side.com, we have already discussed how the mind works, it's enormous power, and how we can program it for our benefits. The mind can be our best friend, or our worst enemy; it's our choice.

To stop smoking is also a choice. It is a happy choice as it increases our happiness manyfold, in a myriad of ways. And yes, you have to do it the 'cold turkey' way, my friend. It's the easiest way, despite what you may have heard. So no 'band-aid' solutions like nicotine patches and the like are allowed; those just prolong the suffering...

Speaking of suffering: Once you have made the decision to go ahead and quit, you have to start associating smoking with pain instead of pleasure. Our minds get conditioned to believe that inhaling hot and dirty smoke into our lungs is a source of joy thanks to all the advertisements we have seen since we were kids. But Marlboro Man is dead. We get to see movies where handsome men and gorgeous girls pretend that it's glamorous or relaxing to smoke when in reality it's just the opposite: Our bodies get tortured by the hot pollution we suck straight in, and are in a constant stress mode 'thanks' to the nicotine addiction. The only moment a smoker is really relaxed is for the short few minutes the nicotine rushes through the veins and releases dopamine in the brain. Besides those few minutes of 'relaxation' the body (and mind!) is constantly stressed out! It craves more nicotine, it is tense, it is sweating, and so on.

So start seeing reality as it is: Smoking stinks. You simply would not hang around a smoky campfire and deliberately stand in the smoke and inhale deeply, would you?
So to remind you of the fact that smoking stinks, keep an old ashtray full of used cigarettes and cold ash somewhere in a drawer, at home and in the office, and perhaps in your car as well. And every time your body craves a 'hit' you just open that drawer and smell 'the coffee'... it's an instant 'wake-up' call!

Now, after that, take a deep breath in and enjoy the fresh air going through your lungs, exhale all stress and tensions. Or as The Happy Rabbit Says: Inhale LOVE. Exhale PEACE. And BE Happy! (to learn more about the free daily motivational series 'And The Happy Rabbit Says...' just visit www.the-happy-side.com).

Focus on your breathing and feel gratitude and appreciation for being able to inhale clean air. You body certainly is. Feel that! Suck in fresh air and enjoy it. That's easy because it really is enjoyable! One way to help you realize the enjoyment you get from inhaling lots and lots of fresh air and oxygen is to keep your mouth always clean and fresh. Take a very strong candy like 'Fisherman's Friend' when you feel the urge and enjoy the menthol tingling in your mouth and the sensations of 'cool mountain air' rushing in. And remember to drink plenty of clean water too; it also relaxes your body besides flushing out all the bad stuff.

Your body and mind start to really relax now and you will feel better by the day as your body is healing, relaxing and enjoying the care you give it now. Be careful with your body. You know, the word "careful" is made up of two words - care full. Full of Care. Your body is a most amazing and beautiful 'thing' and when you look after it well, it will reward you with lots of pleasures. And yes, most likely, you will get to enjoy it for much longer too.

Please realize that there is no reason to suffer or 'beat yourself up'. Sub-consciously, smoking and other harmful behavior can be a bit of a 'guilt and punishment trip', a result of playing the so 'popular' blame game in life, perhaps it's even a bit of a hidden death-wish deriving from underlying issues like disappointments and feelings of despair and depression (In-depths analysis and solutions to these matters would go beyond the scope of this article, but you can read all about it at The-Happy-Side.com).

As a little side-excursion, let's quickly tackle the illusion so many seem to have (with compliments of the tobacco industry and their PR cronies?!) regarding smoking and being overweight, etc. There are lots of obese people out there who smoke and yet they can not control their appetites either... Yes, smoking may kill our appetites temporarily (besides everything else ;-) but it also increases the stress of our bodies in other ways (on the top of oxygen-starvation, carbon-monoxide poisoning, and the addition of hundreds of other harmful chemicals). The body gets depleted and needs a lot more nourishment like vitamins and minerals to get rid of the toxins, it needs to work harder and therefore needs more energy... The result is more stress and cravings which so often result in binge-eating (and drinking) of 'useless' calories (food that has no real use and benefits to our bodies, but are full of sugar, fats and more chemicals).

So at most you may gain a little bit of weight initially, until your body and mind is fully adjusted to the healthy new you. But as you get healthier and happier, you will naturally also eat healthier; your body will not crave junk foods any longer because it is becoming far better nourished. The result is that your body will find its normal and healthy weight naturally, all by itself. And you may actually end up losing weight.

The term 'quit smoking' is a bit negative and misleading. You don't really quit something, you don't lose or take anything away, in reality, you actually only add things to your life. Realize the many gains you are getting: You gain a more relaxed and healthy body and mind. You gain a lot of time and many new opportunities to enjoy the things you really like doing. You gain new friends. You gain self-respect and a sense of accomplishment. You gain a clean home and car, besides clean clothes. You gain clean hair and teeth, plus healthy and shiny skin. You gain fresh and clean breath including all associated benefits.

Wow, so many plus points and no negatives whatsoever! And we're still counting: You gain lots of money by saving lots of money. You gain a better body feeling which includes better sex. You get a better sense of smell to enjoy the great scents of life. You gain a much improved sense of taste to better enjoy your food and drinks. You gain real 'cool' or winner status. You gain instant better looks (the desperate sucking on a burning-hot 'nicotine-delivery-device' with smoke coming out of noses and mouths is not a particularly attractive sight).

Oh, and you gain your sanity back (how does it feel to have to rush out of the office or restaurant and stand in the humid heat or windy cold amid pitiful looks?) And perhaps most importantly, you gain your freedom back, the freedom to do what YOU really want and like doing (instead of being compelled to say cut short an interesting conversation just because you're 'dying for a smoke' ;-)

Make an effort to change your habits in life: Instead of having a smoke with a coffee upon waking up, drink a large glass of clean water and go for a relaxing walk or bicycle ride; enjoy breathing! Then have a nice shower followed by a healthy juice and/or breakfast. Dare to step out of old (and boring!) routine behavior and live more in the Here-and-Now. Start to enjoy every moment - one at a time - because in every moment there is something remarkable and joyful happening... Take notice, it's really worth it!

Try to always focus on doing what you really like doing and enjoying. Discover and live your dreams and passions. Add new and exciting spices into your life. Because if you don't do it, nobody else will either... Learn to be happy again. Or just BE happy!

Start to really love your life. And that includes loving your body! You can't love your body and beat it up at the same time... Be kind and gentle with your body; let it recover and be healthy again. Treat it well by eating and sleeping well. Give it your respect and admiration. Learn to truly use and enjoy both your body and your mind. And be grateful for the functions and pleasures you are able to use and enjoy every moment and every day.

To stop smoking is easy when you do all that! It takes about two weeks or less to get rid of the actual nicotine addiction. After that it becomes even easier. Soon you won't have time to even think about it simply because you're way too busy with better things to do!

Here's a quick summary:
1.Strongly desire to be healthy and go 'cold turkey'.
2.Love your life and live your dreams and passions, every moment and every day.
3.Love your body and treat it accordingly!
4.Focus on regular and deep breathing; enjoy breathing fresh air.
5.In case of 'emergencies' take out and smell an old and cold ashtray.
6.Brush your teeth often and take strong menthol or peppermint candies.
7.Eat and sleep well, and remember to drink plenty of clean water.
8.Change routine behavior; focus on new and enjoyable activities and delights.
9.Reduce stress, go for daily nature walks, do sports, meditate and/or pray.
10.Buy a cool T-shirt or mug, etc. from the And The Happy Rabbit Says... shop.

Oops, cancel that one, number 10, my mistake! But you'd look good in a .... :-)

Live well and be happy, my friend!

P.S. As an ex-smoker, please remember to be respectful, understanding and tolerant with all who are currently still addicted.

Author's Bio: 

Arne Klingenberg is the author of www.The-Happy-Side.com and the daily motivational series And The Happy Rabbit Says...