Every day there seems to be something new to learn, something new to tackle, something new that you have to do to keep up. If you don’t keep up, look out, because you may just get left behind! And then who knows what it will take to ever catch up again. It is absolutely exhausting. Not to mention completely out of alignment with what your inner knowing believes life is about.

Fear and overwhelm are quickly becoming the natural feelings of the day. You no longer are living a life to pursue joy and wonderful experiences. You are living a life to reduce your feelings of struggle, overwhelm and chaos. It is almost too much to face day in and day out. It is no wonder that more days than not you feel frustrated, isolated, lonely, stuck and without hope.

The truth is that somewhere along the way, a bait and switch occurred. You were taught that if you took the time and effort to learn something, you then could use that knowledge and apply it to whatever it is you want to do. In fact, our entire educational system is based on this theory. Learn and then apply.

However, as you have most likely experienced more and more than ever before, learn and apply is no longer good enough. The minute you learn and understand one form of technology, that technology is yesterday’s news. At every turn there is a better TV, car, appliance, gaming system, computer… or way of doing something. In fact, the majority of what you learn in high school is nearly obsolete if you venture on into college. And, even more devastating is that when you graduate from college, armed with your thousands and thousands of dollars of education, you are at best extremely behind the application eight ball when you enter the infamous “real world.”

Finding stability and certainty almost feels like a lost cause in world that is spinning at 1,000 mph. And, yet, it has never been more crucial to find that safe ground in order to perpetuate the life you really want to live. If you get caught up, you most certainly may spin yourself right out of control grasping at anything to just stop the manic merry-go-round.

I am happy to tell you there is chance at stability that you may never have considered before. What I found, in my own search to stop being pushed and shoved through my own life without any sense of control, is that there is something that once learned can serve you for the rest of your life. It is possible to learn something that can immediately give you your power back and then can then be practiced and mastered over a lifetime without constantly having to update, upgrade or start all over. This theory is not something that changes every day or improves just when you finally grasp its original intention. This philosophy isn’t based on tools that suddenly don’t work anymore because you don’t have DSL, instead of dial-up, or a fast enough processor or a TV that can record fifteen shows simultaneously or a DVD player, instead of a VCR player. These tools have been tried and tested over thousands and thousands of years. The only thing that changes is what you desire to achieve – and that is driven solely by you. These tools automatically customize themselves to you without you ever having to learn one more thing. They give you the opportunity to stabilize your life by giving you back the power of directing.

Now, the reason I say you may never have thought of these ancient, tried and true methods as a way to create stability and certainty in your life is because you may have believed they are only used for changing your life. There is truly a paradox at play here.

However, I am sure you have started to grasp by now, there is a huge difference in identifying how you want your life to be lived and learning something once to create it, versus being subject to the whims of the never-stopping speed of the world and frantically trying to keep up with where it is dragging you. By simply stopping and learning these very simple, and yet profound tools for being the master creator of your life, you actually stop the speed at which you feel yourself being dragged, pushed and shoved. Your new-found ability to deliberately choose how you think about your life, your opportunities and your possibilities gives you the chance to put the breaks on everything trying to happen to you and gives you full control to choose and decide on your own terms.

If you desire to learn and master the tools that can create the stability and certainty that is so sorely lacking right now, I encourage you to give yourself that gift.

I am a teacher and student of these philosophies. I have learned how to use these ancient and incredibly powerful ideas and tools to take back the control over my life I didn’t even know I could have. I continue to practice and master what I have learned, which allows me to get better and better every day. I don’t have to keep changing what I learned, scrapping the old for the new or feeling like I am never going to be able to keep up.

If you want to learn how to be in control over your life, then immediately begin to apply what you learned, I encourage you to check out the program I created. This program teaches all of the foundational elements you will ever need to know. The rest is just practicing and applying at your own speed based on your own chosen desires.

The next step in being the powerful creator of your life instead of dragged along without any control is to learn the foundational elements. Get started now, not because if you don’t everything will change under you, but because the sooner you learn, the sooner you will master your new knowledge. Your copy is waiting here: www.ProvocativeCommunications.com/lawofattraction.html.

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Melissa Jean Quiter is the author of a 4-phase, life and business-changing program for taking full control now. “Being Spiritual Doesn’t Mean Being Poor! How to remove what blocks you from making money & creating happiness,” is a timeless program based on the Law of Attraction, universal laws, deliberate creation, NLP and environmental design. www.ProvocativeCommunications.com E-mail: Quiter@Texas.net or call: [512] 341-0556.