What if you could not only retrain your brain, but change your physical neurology as well? How about replacing the blueprint for health that has produced an overweight, overtired, overstressed you, for a slim, strong, vibrant you?

We are all actually masters, we have simply forgotten how to create what we want to be, or have, or do…and so we have what we think about most. We tend to think about our cares and woes, sometimes developing addictions to our losses, and our griefs.

We can change what we think about in various ways, we can just STOP IT (like the old Mad TV skit with Bob Newhart), or we can meditate, or receive therapy, or…we can change how we think by going to the theta brain wave, where we are most open and receptive to input, and command changes within our brains and our emotional receptors.

We can actually create new lives for ourselves, no matter what appears to be reality on the outside. We can decide not to agree with the accepted ‘reality’, set ourselves apart from it, and create time in a bottle, and also change our molecules. We can access that greater parts of us, and gather all the information in the world in order to create anew.

There are easy ways and difficult ways to get that higher level. Going to theta is the most straightforward. We can train for years to get there, or we can simply close our eyes, follow the light up through the top of our heads and out into space, letting our eyes roll toward our foreheads and feel the shift to theta. In this space, this theta level, we are in the subtle fields of energy, harmonizing with all that is. This is a physical event, a kinesthetic anchor at a neurological level.

It is in this state that we can make our commands and get results immediately. What would it be like if you could create cash, health, instantly. How would you experience your life if you had the life you desire? How would your behavior change if it were easy to have what you want, rather than the difficult experience you now expect? Think about that for a moment.

In theta we learn by direct knowledge, from the knowledge and experience of all that has gone before. Our greater capacity knows what we want, and how to manifest it. We tap that greater capacity in theta. We can release all the old programming and all the old hurts, fears and un-forgiveness, and replace all that with joy, and openness and forgiveness and even the things we want to have and enjoy. We can release the back-story of who we think we are, and bring in the new awareness of what we actually are, masters.

What do you want to come in to your life? Bring it on. Using your 9 billion neuronet processors, change from normal consciousness to extraordinary consciousness, using just one command, one time. Now that it is created in you, your inner environment is different and you can unwind and rewind information in your DNA, taking out the old and replacing it with the new, creating a whole new state of beingness.

Author's Bio: 

Asara specializes in the areas of wealth, wellness, career, business, and life change.
Her bestselling book, The One Command, changes lives radically.
She is a highly accomplished and sought after, author, speaker, and teacher.
She is the founder and owner of Commanding Wealth, offering workshops for Individuals and Corporate Business Presentations.