Chronic pain is something that is hard to explain to someone who does not experience it. Chronic pain may be physical, emotional, mental, or all of these. When we have pain, and we cannot stop it no matter what we do, it is chronic. All chronic pain is similar to a toothache. The more it aches and throbs the more it grinds on the nerves, the feelings, and the emotions.
Most people experience some form of chronic pain in life, even if for only short intervals. Others with disabilities and depression suffer chronic pain daily. Sadness and depression that stay with a person for an extended period of time bring chronic pain. Physical chronic pain often leads to sadness and depression. For those suffering, it is an unending cycle of trying to stay somewhat balanced and centered so that they may have some quality of life and live with dignity.
Many people simply deny pain and push forward in life until it manifests physically; others are born with chronic pain. Pain is a simple fact of life. I believe that most everyone in the world is experiencing chronic pain all of the time. I think it is the most underestimated cause of sadness and depression in existence.
The world we live in is insane. All societies and people are crazy in their own way. To starve in a world that could feed everyone is insane; in a world that could love, to kill is insane; even allowing individuals space to develop in is needed to stop the insanity. Yet most of the worlds people hold strongly to misguided principals of what is true, good, righteous, etc.
When we are coming from a place of belief in right and wrong we tend to be judgmental. When we are in chronic pain we need to release all of our judgments to accept the inevitable pain as the reality of the moment. This is called surrender. When we surrender to the inevitable then we have renewed strength to develop new concepts and ideas. We can explore new possibilities and work to make our life more genuine and blessed.
Chronic pain is not a death sentence in life, but a rebirthing that needs to be experienced over and over again. Most people in pain just go on and live their lives, do their jobs, and try to distract themselves as much as possible from the morbidity of feeling pain constantly.
Unfortunately, there are not enough aware souls on the planet to stop the pain. Chronic pain is everywhere. It is the disease of the ages and has become somewhat of a tradition. Many beings in this world have accepted the struggle realties they see as everyday life but cannot seem to change, and yet deep within every soul is the ability to change it all in a moment’s time.
The metaphysician and quantum physics individuals, know from experience and exploration that all the pain in the world could be healed simply by everyone becoming aware of the fact that this is so. Yet humans choose to suffer the inhumanities of others, believing themselves helpless to make such a difference.
Enlightenment is the only salvation we have. Enlightenment has nothing to do with religion, but all to do with conscious thought. When we all understand that we are all connected, then we too can understand why we suffer so.
We are in a conditioned world of beings, most of whom have been deprived of the very basic freedom of being and thinking for themselves. Their whole basis for living is set in fear and intimidation. Though these beings may not live next door to you, even if they live on the opposite side of the globe, we are connected and subjected to their consciousness daily. Though we often feel as if we are all alone in life, this is the same feeling that pervades the consciousness of the planet.
So some of you may be asking how to block it out, while others know to transmute the energy, nonetheless we cannot overcome what this consciousness creates without enlightenment.
When individuals understand that all life is made up of consciousness and that we are the harbingers of enlightenment, they begin to explore the different dimensions and elements of consciousness. They realize that they and all other life, are energy first and form second. They realize that they can create new realties through the energy that they produce, and they can also produce great feats within group energies also creating this way. This is how religions create so powerfully.
Humans, like batteries, when fused together create more power. Religion uses this science to forward its belief and momentum, as do governments. The only difference between them and metaphysicians is that they have an agenda to hold onto the tradition and control of what they believe to be truth, and rarely surrender to the limitations it places on the masses.
Religion teaches it’s followers to all think and believe alike. Metaphysics, what I call the science of the soul, teaches us to think for ourselves and then find common ground.
Belief is reality. What we believe creates energy and that energy is what we live within. This being true then we are also living in everyone else’s reality as well. Want to or not, we must abide by the energies that surround us in order to survive. So to me, the story of the battle of light and dark have to do with ignorance and illumination.

Truth is only relative to those who believe the same as others. So many suffer chronic pain and depression because it is the leading cause of disease upon our planet. To suffer in silence is something we learned was what God wanted us to do. Without suffering there would be no reward. This is all made up malarkey. Made up by humans who needed excuses for why they couldn’t or wouldn’t make the changes necessary to live differently.

Going back to us all working like a battery, if more than one half of the earth’s population believed and understood how it was working energy, we could avert the current crises of man killing man, and man killing animal, plant and mineral. We could very powerfully assist the harmony of the oceans and all-living creatures. These things are also experiencing chronic pain and depression. The animals are actually losing their sense of direction in the wild and nature is in sadness.

How can we possibly make ourselves healthy without understanding that we need many more beings to understand and become energetically healthy as well? We have rivers and streams to keep clean, air to breathe, food to eat. What do you think happens to your body when you place a piece of meat into it that has been fed antibiotics, pesticides, polluted water and then was slaughtered, handled by all kinds of meat handlers and their energies and is now going to be consumed by you. I hope you bless and clear all your food before you prepare and eat it with the pure energy of balance, harmony, light and love.

We have so much to be grateful for and so little time spent thinking about it. We should bless our life everyday and ourselves through our meditations and the connections of energy consciousness that we are. We should look outside in awe of the magical sky and miraculous nature of life that sustains us. Yet we are consumed with time and physical energy that rob us of our consciousness.

It matters not, what type of chronic pain or depression one experiences; they must not let themselves believe that God is punishing them. To love oneself fully, allows one to supersede most pain and be kind to themselves. When we berate ourselves we create energies that affect the planet and us adversely.

All we have to work with is consciousness, love, expansion and evolution. These are the major components of peace and harmony. The greatest tool we have to fend off pain and depression is to learn to live in the present moment. If I do not like how I am feeling about myself today, I will likely not feel better about it tomorrow. If I surrender and understand that I have limitations, I can honor them and myself as well. This I do by honoring all levels of my conscious perceptions as well as my spiritual perceptions. Meditation, inner journeywork, proper eating and exercise are the greatest tools I have found for chronic pain and depression.

Remember we are all part of a battery that is operating to produce the changes in our outside world that will bring fullness, health and well being to a natural place. You do not need to see the others that are part of this battery to be interconnected with them and you are never alone in this world.

Suffering may be a part of life we have to explore but it was not meant for us to live there. Through the discipline of meditation, invocations and inner journeywork we can ascend to new dimensions of awareness and self to begin eliminating the hold it has on the world and us. A new program of love, thoughtfulness and consideration is needed to heal the pain. We must do these things with ourselves as well as with others.

Let us affirm that:
I am a Being of Love
I deserve to love myself
I deserve to be loved and considered
I love to consider and love others
I am powerful
My thoughts create compassion and love
I love kindness
I am open to the light of life within that I am
Beloved I am, Beloved I am, Beloved I am

Invocations to your Spirit Guides:
I am that I am, I am that I am, I am that I am.
I am Earth, I am Air, I am Fire and I am Water.
I call to my teachers and companions in spirit.
I call to all those that assist, guide, guard and protect, and ask that come forward now and align their energies of love within me.
I call to my spirit essence and the holy flame within.
I am that I am, I am that I am, I am that I am.

Author's Bio: 

Athene Raefiel is Spiritual Teacher assisting individuals to clear and change unwanted patterns in their lives. she is a teacher of Mysticism and Enlightenment as well as an author and visionary. She has been dedicated to this path for 20 years.