Rain Bird sensor is considered to be one of the best among the rain sensors. There are certain basic advantages of Rain Bird Rain Sensor. They are the following:
• The process of installation of Rain Bird Rain Sensor is extremely easy. Even an ordinary layman can install it.
• The Rain Bird RSD Series Rain Sensor is extremely durable and visually pleasing. It is apt for residential complexes and also for commercial places.
• Another basic advantage of the rain sensor is its capacity to save water. It is therefore preferred by most people.
• It can automatically measure the quantity of precipitation and can therefore apply water as required. This saves the life of plants since over-watering is fatal for them. There are numerous hydroscopic disks which can detect rainfall.
• The RSD Series Rain Sensor provides flexibility of several rainfall settings 1/8" to 3/4" (5-20 mm); there is an adjustable vent ring which can be manipulated. The adjustable vent ring is crucial for managing dying time.
We offer a wide number of models which are available in the market are the following:
Wired Rain Sensor: This comes at a price of $23.00 and it can automatically shut off your sprinkler system once the rain starts falling. Therefore you shall not have to worry even if you are away from home. The sprinkler system would automatically stop ensuring the longevity of your plants and lesser water consumption.
Wireless Rain sensor and transmitter: has a greater price and of course you can feel the difference! The price of this product is $ 1,000. It owes its high price to its wireless connectivity option which is not available in other less costly products.
Specifications of the Rain Bird Rain Sensor:
• Application Technique: The Rain Bird Rain Sensors are apt for low voltage 24VAC control circuits and 24 VAC pump start relay circuits. Although, the sensors with higher technical specifications can withstand heavy rain.
• The normal switch electrical rating has been estimated to be 3A @ 125/250 VAC
• Capacity of the sensor: the electrical rating which is apt for use with these types of rain sensors are up to ten 24VAC, 7VA solenoid valves per station, plus one master valve
• Wire Required: The wire should be of 25' (7,6 m) in length of #20, 2 conductor extension wires are also required.
• There is a short lead for normally open (N.O.) installations.

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