Rituals have always played an important role in society. Many cultures use rituals to feel more in-tune with their Higher Self, and also help them understand their own inner sacredness. Perpetuating rituals at home on a daily basis will help you bring harmony, balance and serenity into your life, and will also help you reveal your heart's desires.

The ritual detailed below comforts and heals your heart while connecting you to "Divine Love." It is particularly beneficial for those feeling lonely or depressed, or who are lacking self- love, self-confidence, and self-esteem. By making this a ritual to enjoy regularly, you will find yourself feeling calmer, confident, and surrounded by love all of the time.

Start by finding a nice, quiet area in your home that will become your own magical space for these special rendezvous with yourself. Here you'll be creating an "altar" to practice your ritual. Allow your artistic creativity to blossom! Add objects that are special to you. Keep a journal close by where you can write your inspirational notes.

You'll also need the following items:
* A nice, light pink or gold fabric
* One rose quartz
* A bouquet of fresh roses
* One fragrant candle, such as the Love Candle (jasmine/pomegranate with floating rose petals)
* A picture of yourself
* One 10-ml amber bottle
* Rose essential oil
* Sandalwood essential oil

Arrange all the above items on your fabric. Create this special aromatherapy blend to enhance self-love: Pour 2 drops of the Rose oil and 5 drops of the Sandalwood oil into the 10-ml bottle. Add vegetable oil to fill.

Each day, take few minutes to sit in front of your altar, light the candle, and let its fragrant power embrace the room. Take a few deep breaths, allowing your mind to unwind. Continue until quietness occurs.

Apply the aromatherapy blend clockwise on your heart chakra and breathe in its beautiful scent.

Say the following affirmation while anointing yourself:

"I am Divine Love. Love is in me and surrounding me."

Hold the rose quartz on your heart. Feel its soothing and comforting energy. Stay still for a few more minutes.

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In Good Health,
Fran?ise Rapp
Healing through your senses

This article was originally published by Fran?ise Rapp in "The Arom'Alchemy Newsletter," an electronic publication dedicated to educating and inspiring people to live a life of total harmony through the use of aromatherapy and flower essences. Fran?ise was formally trained in aromatherapy and perfumery by priests and alchemists in France, and her talents have been featured in RedBook Magazine and New Age Journal. To have her free newsletter delivered to your email, visit www.aromalchemy.com/education/index.html.

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Fran?ise Rapp's talents in aromatherapy and perfumery originated in France more than 10 years ago. There she was trained by priests and alchemists, where she learned the sacred ancient arts of anointing and practicing alchemy. She now lives in San Diego, and her talents have been featured in many national publications, including Redbook and New Age Journal. For more information, visit http://www.aromalchemy.com or email francoise@aromalchemy.com