The principle of abundance is revealed in many ancient teachings. Sacred writings reveal that the outer world is the reflection of the inner world -- as above so as below. We are surrounded by an abundance of love, joy, money and health. The amount of our intake, however, is equal to the limitations we place on our emotions, behaviors, thoughts and actions.

Our inherent belief system is what blocks the constant flow of abundance. For instance, you may have learned as a child that you cannot ask for more than what you have. Or maybe you were taught that once you receive abundance, you are going to lose it. Perhaps you were even told that it is there for others but not for you, that you are not worthy. By continuing to harbor these beliefs, you have essentially disconnected yourself from abundance and unconsciously refuse it.

In order to live an abundant life filled with love, money, health and joy, we need to reduce our limitations. This can be done through meditation, developing insight, acknowledging the divine presence within, saying affirmations, and trusting universal abundance. Rather than focusing on results, we should focus on the source of their creation: ourselves.

Below, I offer several aromatherapy blends and affirmations to help you make the right changes, embrace life and enjoy all its abundant gifts.

Each aromatic blend should be prepared in a 10-ml bottle. Pour the essential oils first, and then add organic vegetable oil to fill (sweet almond, jojoba, grapeseed, etc.).

Prepare the blends and participate in the affirmations while in a meditative state. Find a quiet place and sit very comfortably. Take a few deep breaths to fully relax and clear your chatting mind. Apply the blends on the third eye, solar plexus and heart chakra. Take a few deep breaths again. Say the affirmation aloud. Close your eyes. Hold the vision for 10 or 15 minutes. Practice on a daily basis.

The more you hold the vision and raise your consciousness, the more you open yourself to receive and manifest abundance.

Love Abundance
-2 drops Rose otto
-2 drops Jasmine otto
-5 drops Sandalwood

Affirmation: "The divine presence within fulfills me with love. Love is present in all the steps of my life."

Financial Abundance
-4 drops Basil
-3 drops Peppermint
-3 drops Patchouli

Affirmation: "As a divine being, I welcome the gifts of money and financial prosperity that come naturally to me. I live in a constant flow of financial abundance."

Joy & Happiness
-5 drops Orange
-3 drops Lemon
-4 drops Grapefruit

Affirmation: "I am joy and all areas of my life are a reflection of pure happiness and growth."

Health Abundance
******** -3 drops Lavender
-4 drops Sage
-3 drops Ravensara

Affirmation: "My spirit enjoys all its gifts and I embody them. Health is a reflection of my inner emotions. I decide now to live joyfully and gracefully."

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In Good Health,
Francoise Rapp

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