Reach for the highest thought and your life will change in astonishing ways. Every situation you face has an infinite possibility of thoughts you can choose to think about it. By reaching as far as you can in your mind for the highest thought available to you, you will be able to literally “see” a much more fulfilling life unfold around you. I know of no faster way to do this than to “reach” higher in your thinking. The things you want to achieve will manifest rapidly when every thought about your goal is the highest one you can imagine.

If you put a plastic bottle in water, it will float. If you first fill it up, it will sink. When we fill our minds with “Heavy thoughts,” our lives and our experience of life, will start to sink. Taking out those heavy, negative thoughts will allow the higher, lighter ones to flourish.

Taking a walk around a lake one day, I smiled at a lady who was walking past me. She did not smile back. Here were some of the thought choices I had.

A. “What a grump! How foolish I was to smile at her.” This thought makes both of us feel bad right?
B. There’s the old saying, “If you see someone without a smile give her one of yours. At least I gave her one of my smiles. It cost me nothing unless I think it has.”

With thought “B” your energy shifts. Try this next time you notice a sinking thought. Raise it. Reach for the higher thought.

On the same walk, a man driving a small red convertible pulled over to the sidewalk. He asked me for directions, which I kindly give him. I explained very carefully how to get where he wanted to go. He did not thank me. That was the second time that day this happened. I could’ve started really getting into a negative pattern.

Here again were some thought possibilities:
A. “How ungracious! What a jerk! And what is he teaching his young son who was with him about respect and gratitude?”
B. “Way to go Terri Marie! Even if this man didn’t thank you, that is how you would like to be treated when you ask for directions – with kindness, clarity and respect.”

Again, the energy shifts. I felt great that I didn’t need his approval. Do I think this was a divine lesson? Absolutely. Because the next thing I saw on that walk was a big truck with a huge sign on it that said, “GIVE.” I knew that it was my lesson that day - to GIVE, no matter what the outcome.

If the images in your life are crappy, how do you feel? Are your thoughts sinking you down? Can you reach for a higher one? There is always a higher thought hanging around the heavens. Do you watch the news or an uplifting movie? Do you engage in gossip or listen to beautiful music?

Choose your feelings and your thoughts. A higher thought will immediately change the energy. Magic will start to happen. You may even release a negative belief or pattern. Look outward and upward, for you can create the high energy that manifests your dreams much quicker. Like an airplane that covers much more “ground,” (actually “air”) than a car staying at a lower level, reaching for high thoughts will propel you to your goal faster and far more comfortably than lower thoughts can.

Next time you feel a low thought choice closing in, reach higher, then higher still. Follow those high thoughts all the way to your dreams.

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