The most important, and difficult thing for most people to do in order to create and manifest more in their lives is expand their realities. To take a harsh reality check about beliefs, ideas, concepts, and perceptions of the world. It's important to constantly and always be working on expanding your reality of the world and yourself. This should be your number one priority in all areas of your life if you truly with to accomplish, attract, manifest, or create anything in your life.

Your past reality of yourself, the world, and everything in it is what has created your current life experience. Let me explain. The way that you saw the world yesterday and the days before that is what created your current life situation and experiences. If your reality about money is that it's hard to come by, chances are great that you are probably in financial difficulties right now. If your reality about love has been that true love is hard to find or that love causes pain, chances are good that you are still single right now. Your current reality, your current life, your current place in life is the result of your past realities.

Your primary goal needs to be to expand your reality of the world. If you wish for your tomorrow's to be different from your today's, you must be willing to change your reality. I promise that if your reality of yourself, the world, life, and everything in it is not different today than it was yesterday, your tomorrow will be no different than your today. However, if you have developed the habit, the ability to expand your reality today in order for it to be more than it was yesterday, then you will be able to create a different tomorrow.

Your reality is your perception of the world, yourself, and how it works. You have many different realities about many different areas of your life. A reality about friends, love, money, career, religion, communication, yourself, and much, much more. Your ability to expand beyond your current beliefs about something is directly related to the results you will get within that realm. If your reality about money, about what it is, how to make it, and how it's used is limited, your ability to use it effectively is also limited. The same is true about your reality in any other area of your life. The more limited your perception and understanding of any area of your life, the more limited your results and your ability to get results are in that area.

So work to expand your reality. Work to expand your ability to use what you have in different and new ways. Work to expand your understanding and working knowledge of something. Break outside your current beliefs about money, life, love, and success, and you will break outside your current experiences and situations. Most people simply do not have the courage to expand their reality because it is much more comfortable to stay where they are, even if where they are makes them miserable. If your comfortable being miserable, then by all means continue as you are. If you are ready to live a life full of magic and wonder, then begin by expanding your reality to include new and amazing views of the world and yourself.

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