Are you aware of the habits that sabotage your success? Do these habits make you feel stressed? Everyone has stress and sabotage habits and how well you manage stress means the difference between success and failure in your life, and relationship. Follow these easy secrets to find your success buttons, take control of your actions, and empower yourself to a successful life.

• Take a five minute break. Throughout your day stop and evaluate how you are feeling. Notice if you are feeling on edge. Take a five minute break and walk away from your desk. Take a brisk walk around the office and or walk a flight of stairs. See yourself relaxed throughout the rest of you day and in control of your words and actions. By staying calm you are able to choose your words and actions.

• Perform a kind deed. Do something kind for someone that is not your normal confidant. If there is someone in the office that looks like they could use a smile-do something crazy. Laugh at yourself and help them to lighten up and smile. The act of giving without expectation of reward opens your heart and makes you feel good. Laughter is the best medicine available, and releases uplifting endorphins.

• Develop a sense of humor and learn to laugh. Most people who are highly stressed or depressed are perfectionist and find it hard to laugh at their actions, others, and life, itself. They become critical of themselves, everything, and everyone around them. Learn to lighten up and give up your critical "inner judge". Being hard on yourself is a habit that makes you hard to live with, and a hard person to work with. As you learn to lighten up you become a stronger team player and a joy to have as a partner. This new mind set can attract success as you hold the most positive vision for your life.

Passion and success comes when you live from a sense of being authentic and knowing what makes you happy. As you learn to lighten up and laugh more often you will find success, passion, and happiness growing in your life. People visit our retreats from all over the world to find inner peace, happiness and regain their passion click here for information on our year round retreats . Let us help your transform your sabotage habits and assist you to align with your success buttons!

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