Why do so many individuals accept a below average life, with below average results, when we are all created for a Divine Purpose to achieve and be so
much more? People are so entrapped in what I call systematic incarceration,
they have lost sight of their authentic self. What does this mean? It means everyone is so busy surviving day by day, they have forgotten how to live in
each moment.

Now is the time to re-create our lives and begin to live a life of absolute Purpose,Passion and Prosperity. It's time to re-design the blue print of your life. You are the producer of your life, and you are the only one that can reconstruct and re-script how you are going to spend the time you were given
in this life. Remembering we only have this one life, that we are aware of and
we must live it to the fullest. We cannot continue to spend our energy running trying to get everywhere, only to end up where you began.

We live in a society where instant gratification, is what we seek. No one has time to enjoy the journey, because their only goal is to get to their destination. If you've ever been stuck in traffic, just look on the faces of everyone, most of them look angry, and unhappy. This is a result, of the instant gratification syndrome. A positive way to enjoy the journey of traffic is listen to something motivational, this will stimulate your mind, and ignite your spirit. Remembering without the journey there is no true purpose once you arrive at your destination! Think about it!!!

We must begin to deposit and invest positive energy, words and thoughts into our life’s account. We cannot continue to withdraw from ourselves, and deposit things that do not serve and replenish our reservoirs, or serve our highest good. Think of your life as a bank account, if you deposit nothing you will receive nothing. No differently than if you deposit unhealthy foods into your body, over time you will reap the consequences of feeding yourself unhealthy foods. But if you deposit one-dollar everyday, ultimately over time your investment will yield a return, it may not happen today but over time their will be a return. Apply this principle to your life, by investing in every area of your life on a daily basis. If you stimulate your mind, strengthen your body, and feed and nourish your spirit daily, your life will transform, elevate and evolve in ways you cannot imagine. It’s a simple equation yet most cannot solve its simplicity! Learn to become still and quiet by removing the external noise surrounding you, so you can listen and hear your intuitive guiding voice, which continues to direct and guide you to a life of Purpose, Passion & Prosperity.

Learning to live a life of Purpose, Passion and Prosperity will enable you to manifest unlimited, wealth, love, and abundance. This happens by making a commitment to leap in faith where most fear leaping. Because most people are living in a state of hysteria and paralyzed fear, they have become hostages to their fear. Which is why 98% of the population is living pay-check to pay-check, addicted to drugs they cannot pronounce the names, and incarcerated to their own self-inflicted false beliefs, because they've chosen to sell their souls to a job, which has no vested interest in their future, or they choose to remain in unhealthy relationships and situations.

Everyone is afraid of failure, success, dying, living and even themselves, which is why most never actually look in the mirror and face themselves. Most often if they do look, the person they see reflecting back at them is a stranger, an imposter they have created to hide themselves! Most people have gotten lost and separated from love, and they continue to make suicidal choices, and decisions creating fear, and darkness in every area of their lives. Fear is the number one killer of dreams and sickness, but people have been programmed to believe the
lies they have been told. As a result most die taking their Dreams!

If we do not awaken to find who we are, and why we are here, we are doomed and sentenced to live in what most believe and call Hell, or Darkness! We must begin to align ourselves with the truth, about what we think, feel, and desire, bringing our conscious and sub-conscious mind into awareness, in order to distinguish the fiction and non-fiction script of our lives, asking ourselves why are we here. It's time to re-write the screenplay of our life, change the characters and eradicate the imposter you've invented to play your part and live your life, while you masked and lived a lie, pretending to be and play every character you're not. It's time to re-claim your truth! Will the real authentic you please stand up, and Re-claim your true identity. Remove the illusion of fear and embrace your truth in Faith.

When you finally make the decision to awaken to your true Passion and Purpose in life, this is when you will begin to live the life you are intended to live!

Author's Bio: 

Aloycia Woods is a life and success coach, author, motivational speaker, and Founder and CEO of Anubee Enterprises LLC, a company committed to empowering individuals to find and live their true Purpose and Passion in life. She is also the expert creator of the Living Your Divine Purpose series, as well as various e-books to include, The 12 Secret Commandments to Living Your Divine Purpose. Additionally, she is also the founder of Purpose Driven Women, a company created to help like-minded women to connect in a global forum, and empower each other to live Purpose and Passion filled lives.

Ms. Woods has been reaching out to help those in need to ensure that they are equipped with the necessary tools to implement solutions in overcoming the obstacles that hinder so many from living their True Divine Purpose in life. She has created and implemented unique and specific tools to train, coach, empower and mentor people of all walks of life and professions, enabling them to break the barriers of fear that has held so many hostage to living and accepting below average lives. She brings with her a background of knowledge, education and experience as an entrepreneur after having owned and successfully run several different companies in which she has not only talked the talk of success and failure, but also walked the walk of success and failure, only to triumph in spite of the challenges faced. She has obtained and maintained proven results, by accomplishing success stories in every life she has touched through the power of her inspirational seminars, speeches and words along with her coaching and training programs.

Her vision has always been to help empower others through the power of words, sharing the stories of her journey of how she arrived from darkness to light and love, from fear to courage, and from failure to success. We all have a story, a passion, a vision and a dream! Most never live their dreams because they never awaken long enough to realize their life’s purpose. They simply remain paralyzed by their fears and hidden within themselves; disabling their ability of creating a life of wealth, success and abundance. Anubee Enterprises has a mission to reach into the depths and break the barriers that stand in the way of living your Divine Purpose. Her philosophy is, many have died taking their dreams with them, because they dared to live their True Divine Purpose. In order to achieve, we must remember that success is not determined by how muc money you earn, but by how many lives you touch. Let’s work together to change the forces of fear that steal so many powerful dreams, so that we are no longer living in a state of subliminal incarceration, but living in a state of total freedom. Remember what we believe we create into our reality!!!

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