The presence of dualism in the form of the Ying and the Yang contention within the sphere of circle is symbolizing the nature of being of individual human beings.

Have a look on the solid earth one stand on. Imaging, for instance, if to dig a hole on the earth, the removal of earth will make room for the appearance of a hole in the form of emptiness. Does the earth appear first then the appearance of the earth or does the emptiness remains as it is always just that it had been veiled by the presence of the solid earth? Where is the veil from? Could it be that the void remains always as it is and it is the observer who is veiled by attachment with his observance, i.e. the fabrication and identification of one¡¦s mind?

All is, especially for the being of sentient beings. The presence of individuality is the bestowed sovereignty of one¡¦s being with equality. The void is that which enable the presence of individuality without discretion. The constant without discretion is
the ultimate presence of spiritual pilgrimage towards harmony across spiritual disciplines and religions. In Chinese, there is no name for the void. If have to, like that of Lao Tze, named it ¡§Tao¡¨, literally the way, with reluctance.

The way of Kung Fu has been symbolized by the Tai Chi emblem in Chinese tradition. The circular sphere that marks the separation with the void and being is symbolizing the boundary of one¡¦s being. It is also a symbol of the entrapment of one¡¦s consciousness within the domain of one¡¦s physical being. Until after one has attained harmony through revolution like endeavor to attain freedom within from the dominance of the body mind will one then be able to break through the boundary and then merge again in oneness with the void.

The way of Chinese kung fu is a way of revolution towards freedom from body-mind bondages within, at one¡¦s discretion, as it had always been. All roads lead to Rome, indeed! All teachings on spirituality and religions are different pointers to the same goal in different names across different languages time space and cultures.

To know is one thing, to actualized is quite another. To have the map to the treasure-island on hand is one thing, to embark on the journey to the treasure is quite another. Those who take the move in accord with the teachings are called kung fu in Chinese, literally, the questing individual, those who embark on the journey towards the truth!

The ultimate state of harmony is free of individuality. All is, merged in oneness, in stilled silence.

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