We are often told not to hold on to the past if we want to embrace a brighter future. After all, the past is already in the past and there is nothing we can do about it. This view is mostly correct. However, if there are patterns in the past that have been keeping you stuck, it is a good idea to know what these are and release them, before moving forward.

It is never fun to dwell on memories that hurt. No one likes to be reminded of their negative emotions. Subconsciously, you may even be blocking them out. Yet, their imprints are present to prevent you from being the success that you truly deserve. The theme may even recur in other aspects of your life – be it relationships, career, home, etc. Each block can be traced back to the same triggering event or events. Over the years, you may also be unconsciously picking up even more incidents to prove that these beliefs are true.

For instance, as a child, you may be repeatedly told that you are "stupid", "slow", "weak" or "a failure". With each repetition, you internalize these affirmations until you believe them to be true. If you do not go back to your past to discover what these negative beliefs are, you will find it a struggle to pursue your current goals.

A great way to release your past is to journal about them. You can start a blog or keep a private diary, going through each past memory you think is holding you back. Express your thoughts, emotions and feelings freely. Then, make peace with your past. Understand that you may have also adopted certain behavior to protect yourself from getting hurt, ever since your childhood. However, these patterns are not very helpful now. For instance, you may have been adopting a strong exterior because you do not want to appear as weak or not in control. However, your strength is not real. You find it hard to connect with your emotions. You come across as cold or aloof, making it difficult for you to have satisfying relationships with your loved ones. Hence, forgive yourself and be prepared to let all these past hurts go.

Confiding in someone can also be a form of release. Your friend or family member can help identify patterns that you are unable to see clearly yourself. You may resist the idea of appearing vulnerable. Hence it is important to choose someone who is caring and with whom you can feel safe.

For negative influences that go beyond current life, past life regressions or even soul cleansings are methods that can be used. Methods that can resolve at root causes are known to be generally more effective.

After you have identified your past hurts, avoid living in them. It may be tempting to think yourself as a victim and blame everyone or the situation that you were in. However, doing so prevents you from taking charge of your life. How your life is going to turned out from now comes down to a choice. If you wish to have a happier future, consider tuning your state of Being to a more positive and empowering one.

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