Is there a sense of failure of some kind? Are you concerned about your image; what will people think? Do you feel betrayed or victimized? These things bring superficial value or justification to hold resentment in our hearts. Our egos will appear to support our guarded reasons for not relinquishing the resentment yet it uses these reasons to force guilt and self-punishment upon ourselves.

Forgiveness is not a pardon or a weakening of who we are. It is a rejection of the ego at work. It is not a denial of what took place, but we no longer have to live in its madness or under its control. There is power in forgiveness for it frees our body, mind and life to move forward productively. It allows us to go beyond error to where we experience Love. Only its experience can truly explain love’s benefit and the peace it brings.

Choose peace instead of resentment. Release the resentment fully without judgment or expectation. Visualize nothing of how the response should be or what it should look like for emotional freedom is the goal.

Author's Bio: 

Helen Gordon teaches the principles of A Course In Miracles (ACIM) live on the Internet and is in her thirteenth year. She has studied ACIM for 24 years and facilitates a weekly study group in Carlsbad, CA.

Ms Gordon is also a writer published in metaphysical and religious publications. Helen is a warm and gifted teacher committed to sharing spiritual principles that help lead to a more joyous and self-loving life. Miracles Happen!