Are you like most of us? Do you need an occasional kick in the bucket? Well, here it is, then!

Everybody who lives by our philosophy of success knows that you need to have guiding affirmations—especially the one that you fill out in the Formula for Riches, on page six of The NEW Think and Grow Rich. You need to have it so handy you can recite it by memory!

How many of us do that? Certainly the percentages in this crowd are swayed!... You're going the extra mile here, making your success happen to you. But how many of us get up, and that's the guiding light in the morning? !

How many of us do a meditation, and that Formula For Riches is what we're meditating on? How many of us, as we go through our day, repeat that affirmation, that goal statement, that definite chief aims statement that we have?

Well, if we consider that we're not normal—and we're not, by any standard— it would be interesting to know. I do know that the stats are that anywhere from 97-99% of people do not do this.

Now, do you see how distinctively different that would make you from the beginning, if you would just focus on these things?

First of all, you can't recite your goal statement and affirmations unless you've developed them. I'm not talking to you about developing them—I'm assuming as a motivated achiever you have developed them. I'm saying this is the old kick in the bucket.

Stick with it! Keep the fire burning brightly.

One of the great big ways to fan those flames is to constantly remind yourself. Because you're not just reminding you, remember. You work the HoloCosm the same way you work yourself. You're reminding the entire Cosmos, so that the Law of Attraction can work for you.

That's what I wish. Get out your goal card out right now, say it a few times, repeat it, affirm it, visualize it in all its vibrant, living glory. You are making your future come true!

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