Anyone that is suffering from a kidney stone or knows someone that is, needs to read this article. Through trial and error we have found the best tips available for the removal of kidney stones. One of these tips are meant to redirect you from medical attention. You should always seek the advice of your doctor prior to trying any home remedies.

Removal of kidney stones does not necessarily have to be as painful as you might think, or maybe have experienced in the past. Here are a few tips that you can follow to avoid the discomfort of kidney stones.

1. Drink, drink, drink. Increase your liquid consumption to be around 10-12 ounces an hour. Preferably water, avoid alcohol, caffeine and grapefruit juice.

2.Avoid spicy foods. Whenever possible avoid using spices and curry. Look for substitutions for your favorite recipes.

3. Limit if not eliminate dairy products from your diet.

4. Increase your physical activity on a daily basis. Walk, bike ride or rollerblade. Any exercise is going to be better than no exercise.

5. Incorporate more water soluble fibers into your diet. These are often considered ideal for speeding up the process for ridding the body of the kidney stones.

Once you realize you have kidney stones you will likely begin looking for the best way to eliminate your pain and pass the stone. In the majority of cases, these methods will work. Flushing your system and increasing the amount of urine you pass through an increase in water can prove to be among the best methods for quickly passing the kidney stone.

Dietary modifications can be your best defense against kidney stones altogether. Talk to your doctor about the best modifications for you. In some circumstances it could be dangerous to change your diet drastically without the approval of your doctor.

Depending on medications you are taking it might be necessary for you to consume particular foods or beverages that the kidney stones will increase in size because of. Finding the best changes in diet for your needs could be more trial and error than anything else.

The best method for the removal of kidney stones is going to be prevention. It is estimated that nearly 50% of individuals that have a kidney stone will likely have more in their future. The majority of kidney stones are caused by lack of proper hydration, this is why drinking ample fluids daily is important.

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