Network marketers adopting the renegade approach to building their business are learning many new ways to attract prospects into their business funnel and article marketing is one of them.

Yet, there is some confusion as to what article marketing actually involves. Well, in a nutshell, there are several approaches but for maximum effect, then you need to be incorporating the best of the best.

That is, you should incorporate article directories, Web 2.0 and your own real estate. Article marketing in it's bare form means writing articles revolving around an offer or product and then submitting them to a high ranking article directory.

This approach is okay and effective but what happens if the product you are promoting suddenly disappears. You suddenly have an article giving valuable information circulating around the web with dead links. See the problem?

Secret To Successful Article Marketing

The most effective way to get the best out of your article marketing is to have your own real estate. This way, you can direct readers to your own presell sales or review page and if the offer you are promoting gets axed, then replace it with another similar product.

With your own website or blog, this is easy and you don't have to worry about having material floating around the internet with dead links.

Now article directories which carry importance within the search engines are excellent ways to leverage your message but why not put it into overdrive by using the power of Web 2.0.

Instead of writing an article once and submitting it to several directories why not consider rewriting it several times and creating extra real estate on some of the best Web 2.0 properties.

For example, you could start a lens at Squidoo, a hub at Hub Pages, a page at Gather and a wiki at Wikidot. If you're new to Web 2.0 then these terms will be foreign but be rest assured, each of these sites carries plenty of weight within the major search engines and your article will receive plenty of exposure.

Better still, by placing it in front of as many targeted readers as you can then the chances of turning some of those eyes into prospects or buyers increases significantly.

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