The preselling process is a strong part of the Renegade system blueprint yet many network marketers still find it difficult to come to terms with the concept of having a prospect presold before they pitch their business opportunity to them.

The truth is, when preselling is executed correctly, then the sales pitch virtually becomes redundant simply because a prospect will make up their mind about joining you during the lead up process.

Here's another twist to the preselling process. Why wait until you've actually got a prospect in your funnel before you begin the process?

In other words, can preselling begin before the prospecting phase? In this article we want to share a powerful attraction marketing strategy utilizing one of the resources provided by the world's most visited website.

Home Business Solutions

Yahoo Answers is a favorite place for many to post questions about many aspects of day to day life. In the main, people go there looking for solutions.

It's also a place home business seekers frequent looking for solutions to making money from home. For network marketers, it's a chance to put the preselling process into practice before they even have a prospect.

Here's how:

1. You need to open up a Yahoo account.

2. When you have one, visit Yahoo Answers and scroll to the business and finance section and take a look at the questions being asked.

3. What you're looking for are people referring to the home business or work at home subject. People asking questions on home business such as..."how do I start" or "how do I start a work from home business."

4. What you do is provide them with a solid answer but under no circumstances mention your network marketing company or products.

5. You want to provide an answer the person can utilize and will find valuable. You could mention a list of resources relating to the hazards of starting a home business or resources where they can go to get more information.

6. The key here is to impress enough on the person that you are knowledgeable and helpful enough on the topic that they may view you as a strong candidate to eventually help them find what they're looking for.

7. Under no circumstances should you try to sell, sell, sell. This will raise a red flag and you'll be dealt with accordingly.

Can you see how powerful a presell strategy this can be? It's a chance for you to help someone out, in other words, provide value and put the other person's interests ahead of your own.

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