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Three lives were forever changed at a Los Angeles Gym on Friday the 13th around 4:20pm. Anne Hill was working out with her trainer, Brian, when a frantic young woman appeared telling them there was a young man having a seizure and desperately needed some help. So they quickly hustled over to the scene and were shocked by what they discovered. On the floor was a man in an awkward fetal position. His face was contorted in a strange way, eyes were open, but rolled back, and his mouth was straight across with an odd tension in the corners. Anne knew it was serious and shouted out into the open gym, “somebody call 911 now, please!”

As Brian and Anne attempted to straighten him out he groaned and sat straight up with great strength. They were worried he might try to stand up so they encouraged him to stay seated and not to move. Since the man wasn’t able to communicate with them they really didn’t know what was wrong and didn’t want to escalate the situation. Suddenly, he made a strange guttural noise and fell straight back onto his back, with his legs still crossed Indian-style underneath him. Anne knew in her heart the situation had just changed dramatically for the worse and knew he was gone. She checked for vitals… no sign of breath, no pulse, no chest movements, nothing. Anne looked up to Brian and said, “We just lost him, please get some help now! Find a doctor!” and proceeded to crawl onto him to begin chest compressions. Brian sprung into action and immediately ran off to find some help.

Meanwhile, Anne continued with the chest compressions to keep the blood flowing through the body and to the brain. Her hands had to act for his heart, and she knew this was his only chance of survival if the emergency crews arrived in a reasonable amount of time. The crowd continued to grow with several onlookers. Some even began to pray. As Anne turned and asked, “Does anyone know CPR?” Brian returned with a plastic box he found in the gym. Inside was an AED machine– an Automated External Defibrillator *. She knew what it was from producing 3 seasons of Untold Stories of the ER and Diagnosis X. Even though the AED on TV was just a prop, she knew how it worked. They had used it on over 10 of her shows, she heard the AED script, knew the placement and she knew that it could bring the man back. Brian sat it down beside the guy and opened the box up as Anne continued chest compressions. Brian looked at Anne questioningly and she nodded YES DO IT and indicated where to place the adhesive pads on the guys' chest. He peeled the backs off of the leads and placed them on his chest. Then they sat back to let the AED go to work. Nothing happened. She feared they had a defective AED when suddenly an electronic woman’s voice said, “Analyzing heart rhythm. Do not touch the patient…”. Finally, Anne was relieved something/someone was taking over and calling all the shots. Remembering the request for 911, Anne asked the crowd, “Please tell me someone called 911”, “yes”, someone responded, “they are on their way”, and Anne thought to herself, Thank God!

The AED machine proceeded to say, “Do not touch the patient… Shock advised. Charging. Stand clear of the patient. Shock advised.” They cleared away from the patient careful not to touch any part of him and suddenly the AED lets out a high pitched beep, “Shocking! Clear!” they guy is shocked as his body jolts and then falls back down. “Shock Delivered. Analyzing heart rhythm. Do not touch patient… No shock advised. Sensing Movement. It is safe to touch the patient” Anne knew there was heart movement but wasn’t sure if he was really back, so she slapped his arm between the wrist and elbow on the inside and his eyes quickly opened looking straight at her. With relief she waved her hand at him and said, “Hi! Welcome back!” He blinked his eyes, looked all around and tried to get up. Anne gently suggested he stay put, told him he just had a spell (she didn’t want to frighten him with what really happened just yet), and decided to get some information from him just in case he lost consciousness again. “Can you tell me your name?” he mumbled something like Kash. She asked again, “Can you tell me your name?” “Kash”, he said clearer, “Can you spell it?” “K.A.S.H.” “Okay, Kash – can you breathe okay?” “Yes.” “How do you feel?” “Fine.” “Do you have a seizure disorder?” “No.” “A heart condition?” “No.” “Are you on any drugs, legal or otherwise?” “No.” All of a sudden Kash noticed all the leads connected to his chest, so Anne explained they had to shock him. He was horrified, grabbed his head with his hands and cried, “Oh my God! I need to go to a doctor” Brian and Anne said together that help was on the way.

The EMT crew arrived quickly thereafter and immediately took over getting ready to take Kash to the hospital. Even they couldn’t believe someone so fit and young needed the use of an AED machine. They rushed Kash off to the hospital for medical assistance.

Through the help of everyone that was involved, Kash is alive and well. If it weren’t for the immediate actions taken by Brian and Anne and the use of the AED machine, the outcome of these events probably would be much different. These heroic actions are perfect examples of the importance in being a Good Samaritan and helping others in a time of need. As Henry David Thoreau once said, “Goodness is the only investment that never fails.”

* AEDs are designed to allow minimally trained laypersons to respond to cardiac emergencies, particularly sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). AEDs are about the size of a lunch box and have adhesive electrode pads that deliver brief, but powerful electrical stimulation to the heart, interrupting the abnormal rhythm and helping to restore the heart’s natural rhythm. The devices are pre-programmed with the expertise needed to analyze the heart’s electrical function. They also use voice prompts and screen displays to instruct the user on how to operate the device.

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