Would you like a loving and lasting marriage? Do friendship, love-making, and a life filled with meaning appeal to you? If so, read how one couple I interviewed grew in their marriage with two special secrets that you can use too.

Bob and Nina, married 23 years, still look at each other with respect and love. Their dates are filled with outdoor activities like hiking and camping on Mount Rainer.

I asked Bob and Nina one simple question. “What is the bond that keeps you together?”

Bob grinned and looked at Nina as he spoke. “We’ve been through so much together. Nina is my rock. She’s always there for me. Why would I ever give that up for something frivolous?”

I turned to Nina. “When I married Bob I made a covenant,” she said. “Years ago I went out with girlfriends. They always griped about their husbands. I never took part. I met with them again. They were still complaining about their husbands. I thought to myself, ‘Why live like that?’”

Next Nina laced her fingers with Bob’s. “When we have problems we solve them together.” Then Nina raised their clasped hands saying, “This is my covenant.”

Love Secret Number 1 for Parents Resolving to Be Lovers:

Choose to give up frivolous fantasies about others. Avoid flirting with others too. Focus on your partner. Go through the hard and happy times together. Appreciate the good in your spouse and in your relationship.

When you each focus on and appreciate each other, you create an unbreakable bond. That bond includes a deep and abiding trust. You know you can rely on the other for support, help, and the love you need. Trust is the rock on which you build your marriage.

Love Secret Number 2 for Parents Resolving to Be Lovers:

Be loyal. Avoid talking against your partner, even with close friends. If you have problems in your marriage work them out together. Make your relationship your covenant.

Knowing that your spouse talks well of you opens up a well of good will between you. It’s a relief to feel that your partner is solidly with you, for you, and beside you.

One more thing, your children know when you love each other. They listen to your words. They sense how you feel toward each other. They watch how you act. Why not give them the security and joy of knowing their parents are in love?

Conclusion: 2 Simple Secrets for Parents Resolving to Love Each Other

The above story is an excerpt from my book, “Parents in Love – 121 Dating Ideas.” Like Bob and Nina, focus on each other with loyalty and love. If you do, you’ll be creating a rock solid marriage. Your children will know it. And you’ll create a meaningful life that lasts.

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Jean Tracy, MSS shares stories, tips, and the secret formula all lovers need in her eBook, Parents in Love.” With 121 low to no-cost dating ideas and 89 dating coupons, you can laugh, play, and cherish each other forever. Find out more at Kids Discuss Parents in Love and become parents in love today.