When applying for a job, you have to remember that you're not the only available candidate. Your future employer or the head of the HR department probably has a good number of resumes waiting on his or her desk.

In order to catch their attention, you have to make sure that your resume stands out among the rest. In fact, resume writing tips are the secret weapon of many successful job applicants!

You might think that a resume is only a piece of paper and that what matters most is the interview itself. However, know that applying resume writing tips on your own profile automatically gives you an edge over the others! Scroll down a bit more and learn how to gain a good advantage over your competition!

Do Your Research

What is the company all about? What kind of person are they looking for? If you take the time to research on your target workplace, you'll be able to find out just what qualities you can highlight on your resume.

Keep in mind that companies aren't necessarily looking for the highest scorer or the best speaker. They're looking for that one person who will match and blend with the job and their company perfectly.

Use Action Words

I'm not just talking about verbs here. When describing the task you have accomplished, stick to specific descriptions and use the active voice.

After all, it's much more pleasant and interesting to learn that you "edited and published a collection of short stories" than "served as an editor." It shows that you're someone who works hard.

Avoid Stereotypes

Stereotypes will kill your resume. Many articles on resume writing tips will warn you of being too ordinary. Remember that the goal here is to stand out. Start with your objective.

We all know how the typical objective goes. Try to keep yours interesting by fusing your personal point of view and the company's direction. That will definitely help you come up with a fresher objective.

Now that you have learned a few of the standard resume writing tips, go over your resume and see which areas you can improve on. Is your objective too boring? Can you make your tasks more specific and action-oriented? Do you think your resume shows that you're the right person the company is looking for?

After reviewing and submitting your resume, it won't take long before the phone rings and someone asks you to schedule a job interview!

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