Most Americans really have no idea how to maintain or/and regain their health. While some health issues may be slightly more difficult to reverse, I am fully convinced all disease is reversible.

Certain foods and herbs can be very helpful in regaining your health, including most anything fresh out of the garden, and notably, anything organically grown. Organically grown is of very high importance. It actually has nutrients the body needs, whereas commercially grown generally has little.

Foods and herbs including Garlic, Pau d'Arco, Radish, Potato, Tomato, Carrot, Chlorella, and much more are all very beneficial to the body. Most of what is available now in stores which is not organic, will be genetically modified, due in large part to Monsanto. I consider avoiding genetically modified foods highly important.

Want to lose weight? Helpful foods include (must be raw) potatoes, carrots, radish, lemon, grapefruit. If you eat the standard american diet you will find you have more energy and very possibly better memory of dreams when you start consuming raw foods daily.

Author's Bio: 

Dave is a natural healer, with extensive knowledge in what the body needs and needs to get rid of for health. Dave uses therapeutic quality aromatherapy with knowledge and intuition as his tools of choice. He is very knowledgeable in healing various diseases.

He reversed his own diseases and helped others reverse theirs. Terminal cancers, arthritis, type ll diabetes, diabetic neuropathy, ADD/ADHD, migraines, etc., are not difficult to make go away.

He publishes a monthly natural health newsletter, which is sent at no charge to email subscribers. He also will work with others from this site, one on one at no charge. Simply email him with requests.