There is a misconception small deeds are not as magnificant as those part the water ones. Find a cure and you are nominated for a noble prize find a dollar and give it to a homeless person to buy a meal and the moment will pass unnoticed. Understand right now your every word,thought and deed will change a life of someone somewhere. What can I do? You can do the small things with great love as Mother Teresa taught us and they will make all the difference.

What you may not realize is when you extend human kindness to one person it will flow onto another then another like the ripples in a pond. Gathering energy as it goes. The truth is you may never know how many people’s lives were changed by an encouraging word you may have spoken or a generous act you may have performed or the silent prayer for healing you may have uttered. What you have to hold onto is these things do change lives in small ways that lead to great things. Are you going to get a big pat on the back probably not, are you going to be front page news unlikely, will your ego get stroked by your peers doubtful.

So why do it? Firstly because the ripple of kindness will eventually find it’s way back to you in some form. Secondly the act of giving is a gift to the giver. When you give of yourself you are wrapped in a divine joy so great it can hardly be contained.

The greatest moments of my life have been when someone has said to me “you have touched my life thank you” or “you have given me the strength to keep going” sometimes these things are spoken verbally sometimes they are just a look. But always they are a gift back to me.

Coming from a dysfunctional family background I cannot begin to tell you how important my friends encouraging words,support and love have meant to me and the way my journey has developed. Simple things like a hand on my arm and a look in the eyes which says “it’s going to be okay” or a hug that says we are here for you or when people take the time out to listen to me unconditionally or the warmth of a smile in my direction. Small things done with great love which have lifted me on more than one occasion from the darkest hour.

Every word,thought and deed makes a difference every pebble of loving intent dropped into the universe creates a ripple of kindness that gets bigger and bigger with every person who is touched by it.

I stop and listen to a stranger at the bus stop give them nothing more than my time and the knowledge someone cares enough to be there in the moment for them. This stranger goes home and instead of pouring out a drink plays with his children. The children instead of acting out to get attention go away and play. Their mother rather than getting frustrated and screaming at them gets to sit with her husband and discuss his day. Maybe this is a turning point in their relationship or at least a step. I will probably never meet this stranger again and might never know what happened.

But every word,thought and deed I place into the universe comes the knowing a little ripple has begun. Where it ends or what path it will take is irrelevant because I know it will eventually find it’s way back to me. Whether you think of it this way or look at it as planted soul seeds of growth and understanding doesn’t matter.The thing is to remember the intent of the giver is more important than the size of the gift.

Today I will give an encouraging word, send a prayer of good wishes and touch someone just to let them know I care.

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Robin J is Psychic who is using her many years of experience to help people access their inner guru. People always ask how do I make it through this or how do I create change or fulfill my potential. It is simple one step one day at a time.
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