Written By: Darren Roberts
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Success! Failure! Apart from the spelling is there a further difference? Naturally! One gives you what you want and the other leaves you empty with nothing, leaving you to start again.

Sure, we can look at them as results. Many of us do! But really success or failure is determined well and truly before the result is actually attained.

This may sound a little strange but the successful result lies very deeply within how often we fail, learn from our failures, adjust accordingly, try again, fail again; and so the cycle continues until our experience and talents lead us to the desired result.

Yes; it is heartbreaking to fail! But failure itself is merely a statement saying "This Way Doesn't Work". This is why your immediate reaction is ever so important!!! If you honestly believe you've been beaten due to the incredible and unforgivable mistakes that you made then that's exactly what you've done. Failed!

However, how many businesses do you know became an overnight success? There are a couple, but it's more of a clich?than fact! Recently I read a frightening fact "80% Of New Businesses Go Broke In The First Five Years". There are many different possibilities that could lead to this. But it was the next bit of information that was most interesting. More than half of these businesses had filed for bankruptcy during their first year of operation, apparently "to avoid losing their shirts". Ordinarily in the first year most new businesses are still running at a loss until they learn enough about the market, make the necessary adjustments and improve their market position! Yet, so many pull the pin inside this time and call it failure!!!

It's such a waste. With careful planning and a dogged determination to make it a success will enhance your chances of success incredibly. The ironical thing is that the Internet is in every way the same. There is an abundance of opportunity; a plethora of possibilities for us all to make our mark but still only a very tiny percentage stick at it long enough to make it work.

Since Email and Net (WWW) marketing are financially viable media for everyone it makes it so much easier to give up early!!! If you were to invest $250,000 in a fast food franchise it's probably safe to say you'd work like your life depended on it (well your life probably would depend on it). Yet, many without the "I've got everything to lose" attitude most won't persist long enough to make it a success. Shame!

Many believe that their products are deficient!! Certainly there are some crappy products on the market. So this principle holds true to a point. The crux of the problem is really the attitude people bring with them into their online venture. "Okay it won't cost me much so I'll give it a go". What sort of attitude is this? It spells failure and doom from the offset. there's no chance of success with this mediocre attitude. I recently wrote an article entitled "The World Of Mediocrity. Are You A Part Of It?". If you missed it you may request it at: mailto:mediocrity@topliving.com

Doing business online is feasible for us all. I have found that dealing online with the attitude that I have just expended enough for my own McDonalds franchise has assisted me in succeeding. Without determination, a goal, a dream, target or direction we tend to wander aimlessly and never get there. How do we get there if we don't know where we're going?

The success or failure of any business stems from the determination and will of the owner. We all need wealthy thoughts to make our business successful. You may read about wealthy thoughts either by automatic email at: mailto:wealthy_thoughts@topliving.com or online: http://topliving.com/articles/noframes/goalachieve.htm

Think Successfully. Your partner in success.

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Written By: Darren Roberts

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