When we think about giving from our wealth, most of us think of giving financially. However, there are other ways of giving from our wealth. Some of those ways are right in front of us every day. The following are some examples to consider:

1. Clothing. Clean out your closets and drawers of all clothing that is either too small or too large to fit you. Also, get out any clothing that you have not worn for a long time. Donate those clothes to a charity or church that will reuse the clothes or sell them to raise funds.

2. Books/Toys. Don't stop with cleaning out your unused clothing. Go through all of your books and any toys that might be in your home as well. If they don't get used, put them to good use by donating them.

3. Cellular Phones. It seems that many people are getting their cellular phones replaced every couple of years. What do you do with the old phone? There is an organization that redistributes those phones to people that might need one for emergency situations but can't afford it. Contact the Charitable Recycling Program at 1-800-527-4700 x301 for more information. They have collection sites across the United States.

4. Cars. Are you about ready to purchase a newer car? What are you going to do with the one you are currently driving? Many charities accept donations of used cars. Most of them sell the cars in an auction to raise funds for their cause. Checking with your favorite charity or doing a search on the Internet for "auto donation" will give you some options if you are considering this.

5. Eyeglasses. Don't throw out your old glasses or let them collect dust somewhere in your home. The Lions Club International has been collecting eyeglasses for approximately 80 years. They will put them to good use in developing nations.

6. Food. Every year the Boy Scouts in my area collect canned goods to donate to churches and shelters to help feed those who need the help. You can help by giving food to your local churches and shelters. Check in advance for rules on what they can and cannot accept.

7. Furniture/Appliances. If you are remodeling or have household appliances you are no longer using, consider donating them as well. Furniture and appliances may be accepted as donations at charities such as Goodwill Industries International, Inc. Call ahead to make sure they are accepting them at your location.

Not only will making these donations help others, but it will also give you some additional space and a great feeling. You may even be able to use your donations to reduce your taxes.

What are you waiting for? Start opening your closets, drawers and cupboards now and donate your unused items to help others. You may be wealthier than you realize.

Author's Bio: 

Roger Carr is the founder of Everyday Giving. His life purpose is to help people help others. To learn more ways to give, sign up for their free ezine at http://www.everydaygiving.com.