It is important to remember that no matter how successful you have become at the business of selling your services, don't get too big an ego. If you do, you'll only fall that much harder.

The important things to know:

First, don't get cocky. No matter how successful and busy you are, your business can take a down turn, quickly and quite unexpectedly.
On going marketing and selling efforts are vital to your continue business success.
Contact Individuals you have had as clients in the past and haven't heard from either by letter or phone call and let them know of any specials you are offering or lower rates.
Contact Old leads of individuals who called to get information or that you sent information to and see if you are able to assist them further.
Help existing clients to bring new clientele to you by offering incentives or discounts for them.
Give your superior level of service to your existing clients. It is important to let them know they are important to you by giving them customer satisfaction.
Quote reasonable, affordable fees for various incomes. Straight across the board fees do not do it or excite the clientele.
In recessions, clientele are usually price conscious and price sensitive.
Use low cost add ons to generate additional revenue for instance if you are consulting them for a half hour, offer them an incentive such as taped session for an hour or a special rate for an hour session.
Avoid being a prima Dona. If you're busy and in demand its a heady feeling and the tendency is to get a swelled head. Why not? because in most cases it will come back to haunt you. Most individuals feel that it is boorish behavior and don't like it. They may even switch to someone who is not as competent as you but they have a better personality.
In a recession, the tables are turned and clients know you need them, but they don't need you. They'll take revenge and you'll be out.
Always act like a pro, like a helpful friend and customer satisfaction one-on-one consultant.
If you give your clients genuine reason t like you and you are always helpful to them they'll stick with you.
Be useful, courteous, respectful and accessible. Don't be a snob and act high handed. This is a big no-no and turn off.
Make sure you have that business when you need it tomorrow by acting professionally and properly today.
In a recession, depressing, business down turn or soft economy it is not appropriate time for you to increase your fees, even if you feel you deserve them. or that they are long over due.
Make sure your clients know the pricing you are asking is in line with your expertise, years of experience by having testimonials, recommendations, and awards for your work even in the form of documentation of letters etc., with references they may wish to call personally to check you out. This shows professionalism in its truest form.
Slightly downgrade your acceptable client assignment profile. This means if you have mental or written guidelines that determine the clients that are desirable to you or the incomes they have, or clients you would rather not connect with that are less desirable or less income then you would want to connect with for your prestige's goals and dreams. This doesn't mean you are throwing out your standards, but that you are simply readjusting your acceptable client criteria during this temporary lull to accommodate a wider range of prospects and projects. How far should you go, that is up to you, but if you feel uncomfortable or it causes financial burden set your bottom-line limit of the lowest possible amounts accepted. Clientele respect and accept consultants who are willing to work with them, but also set their boundary limits financially. It gives them the image of a professional business individual who is well aware of the current economic situation and their willingness to try to reach out to other incomes.
Start a new aggressive marketing campaign. To prevent a lull or lack of business you should be marketing consistently and aggressively all year long whether you need the business at the time or not. Regular and on going marketing ensures a steady stream of new business leads.
Repackage your services to accommodate smaller clients and reduced budgets. When things are slow, it pays to look for ways to generate revenue from this normally overlooked market of individuals or consumers who are too poor to afford what you offer normally by offering variable pricing for all incomes instead of straight-across the board fees helps to bring the clients in to you.
Keep busy with ancillary assignments. In the slow period in your business it is a good time to be busy by doing work you have put off, cleaning and organizing your files, putting your client and prospect list into a computer database, or getting more involved with your local chamber of commerce, etc. It even helps at these times to come up with new ideas for your clients such as articles, handouts and so on. Don't waste the extra time available, but instead put it to good use. Having something to do will have a positive impact on your mood and will be communicated to prospects and clients which in turn will help you obtain more clients.
Always be positive. During a slow period, it is very important not to be depressed. If you are depressed, prospects can sense your desperation and fear. It has a negative effect in dealings with them.
Remember everyone is gifted psychically, spiritually and creativity, it is if we choose to develop them or not and if we do to use them with wisdom, understanding and responsibility. They can sense your desperation, depression and are only interested in connecting with "up" individuals.
Remember everyone in business has slow time, those who say they never do are liars. You are talented and successful; the lull is temporary and the clients will be calling for you once again, and once again your business will pick up. Don't despair and give up too soon.
It is possible to have 2-5 months of a slow business because of the economy.

Author's Bio: 

Rose Schwab is a world renowned clairvoyant psychic medium and professional with over 50 years expertise. She has built up her credible reputation with years of hard work. At age of 4 Rose started using her gifts, age 6 she had her first near death experience and at the age of 10 founded Angelic Inspirations, co-ownership with her sister. Rose has received many official documented awards and recognitions for her outstanding work, voluntarily, for charity, or through her business in trying to change the image and stigma of psychics. Rose teaches workshops, seminars. She is an author, visionary, and artist to name a few. She donates a percentage of her proceeds to food shelters, homeless shelters and devastation as well as helping to raise money for charity causes. Rose can be found at her free 500 page website at