I love speaking in the Greater Sacramento area. Aside from travel being eliminated from my schedule, the biggest benefit of not leaving home is the great audiences I encounter all over the Sacramento area.
Being a local Sacramento speaker allows me the opportunity to speak to my neighbors about the issues that are relevant in our own back yards. The attitudes of companies that bring me in to speak to their employees is " It's so nice to have 'one of us' speaking to the group." They understand that there are thousands of motivational speakers to choose from but they choose Bill Loyd for a reason.
The feedback I receive most often after speaking in Sacramento is "Wow! We had no idea you were this good AND right in our own backyard!" They appreciate the genuineness of the message, a message of inspiration that comes from some who knows what it's like to succeed in the Sacramento area.
I pride myself on being original. My keynote speeches in Sacramento are not cookie-cutter and you will not hear the same message from anyone else. It's the message of a local Sacramento guy who found that the secret to success is not found in books and CDs, but that we 'Find Success Within'.
'Find Success Within' is a mindset, not a circumstance. The idea behind it is simply this: If at the end of your life you look back and never have to think "If only" then you have lived the 'Find Success Within' principle. I speak to corporations and entrepreneurs all over Sacramento area with the same passion. I encourage them go after their dream and don't worry about failure. Winners lose more than losers because they stay in the game longer.
If you are looking for someone to ignite your next event in the Sacramento area, send me an email at bill@findsuccesswithin.com. I'd love to connect with your organization!

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Bill Loyd
Keynote/Motivational Speaker
Author, "The 6 Keys that Lie Within You to Live a Successful Life"