The number of unmarked police cars grows as police departments all around the country attempt to catch more aggressive drivers. They are known as “slick tops” – those with markings but no lights on top- ghost cars, stealth units or by CBers as “brown paper wrappers”.
The increased use of these vehicles have made it easier for criminals to impersonate officers. Which puts them in unique position to commit all sorts of crimes.
So what does one do when unmarked police cars attempt to stop you? These tips are from a police department.First: activate your four-way hazard lights to indicate compliance with the request. Do this first. If you have a cell phone dial 911 and ask the dispatcher for verification that a legitimate officer is trying to pull you over. If you receive that verification you must immediately stop for the officer. If you don’t have a cell phone and are uncertain, drive to the nearest public area with your hazard lights on. If it is night, drive to a well lit area with your hazards on. If the officer is in plainclothes you may request a uniformed officer respond to the scene.
When the officer approaches your car keep your doors locked and roll your window down enough to talk. Ask for photo ID and badge.
Of course, if you were not doing anything to break the law or be suspicious you need to be even more weary when being pulled over by unmarked police cars.
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Su Ericksen is a first degree TaeKwonDo black belt and has taught self defense workshops. She lives in the Midwest with her family and works at a large medical center in the cardiology clinic.
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