Some salespeople focus intently on just getting the sale. After all, in the end a prospect’s decision to buy from you is the goal! What happens when you focus on “getting the sale” to the extent of being blind that there are other pieces to the process? Sometimes you lose focus of what selling is really all about. The big picture is that the sales process exists to help a customer buy.

Pictures and photos adorn many people’s home and office walls. Do you ever take a step or two back to see the picture from further away? In doing so, you see more details that drew you in at the beginning. That is the bigger picture. The most successful salespeople understand not just some of it, but all of it. Just what does “all of it” entail?

Consider the three main strategic pieces have key tactics to master. Sales attraction, sales effectiveness, and time and energy management are the three sales strategic parts.
First is sales attraction.

1. Minimize your limiting beliefs; do you know yours? Have you ever not followed up with a prospect because you thought you would be bothering them? That’s an example of a limiting belief. Know your beliefs that might hold you back from helping a customer, then find out how to minimize them.

2. Maximize your selling style. One part of this is your degree of introversion and extroversion. Let your extroversion take the front seat during presentations and building rapport. Leverage your introversion by listening, asking questions and focusing on the customer.

3. Prospect continuously. Cold calling, referrals, internet presence with websites, blogs and leads groups, are prospecting actions. Any that you use become more attractive when you talk about the customer, his or her pain or problems, more than talking about you and your offer. Have patience - your time to sell will come.

4. Show self-confidence. No one buys from someone who lacks confidence. Even if you aren’t so confident about some part of your sales skills, either rely on your confidence in other areas of your life or hire a coach to help you find the heart of yours.

5. Design and carry out a leveraged marketing strategy. Marketing takes place to bring prospects to you and you want to take actions that one, boost your confidence and two, maintain your energy.

6. Know the difference between, and act accordingly with, marketing and selling. Many salespeople sell way too soon, way too often and kill the sale in the process. Attractive marketing can lead you to attraction selling.

Remember, selling is about the customer. Yes, you are the person selling. It is partly your sales attraction that brings prospects to you for you to then put your sales effectiveness into action. Without prospects and sales attraction, a salesperson cannot move to the second strategy of sales effectiveness because they won’t have anyone wanting to hear their message and then buy.

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