The year was 1901. Europe was mesmerized by the appearance of a horse whose owner, Wilhelm Von Osten, claimed that it could add, subtract, multiply, and divide, as well as answering several other questions by tapping its hoof or gesturing with its head. Exhaustive research proved that their was no hoax involved. Hans, the horse, did seem to be answering the questions...even when someone other than Wilhelm asked them.

A researcher, Dr. Pfungst, was contracted to conduct experiments to determine the source of Hans' uncharacteristic brilliance. What he found was remarkable. It turned out that Hans could only answer the questions when they were asked by someone who already knew the answers and who was in Hans' field of vision.

Further experimentation confirmed that Hans wasn't a great mathemetician, but rather a great reader of body language. He could tell when to stop tapping his hoof by noticing unconscious cues from the questioner as he began to approach the right answer; a flared nostril, a microscopic nod of the head, a tightening of the jaw, a change in respiratory rate...

Pfungst used instruments to measure the amplitude of the head nod and found that it was less than a millimeter! Hans was capable of seeing movements so small that the examiners didn't know they were making them. Further, Pfungst found that he could train himself to answer questions in the same way; by developing his sensitivity to microscopic movements. What he developed, in essence, was a set of skills commonly used by mentalists and card players the world over.

What does that have to do with you in sales? Your clients have the same ability. They read you and make conclusions based on cues of which neither you nor they are aware. You can't possibly control those movements any more than they can possibly control their reaction to them. You can learn all sorts of techniques to try to impress, cajole, or manipulate your prospects to buy, but they're to no avail if you don't address the issues you're SUBCONCIOUSLY COMMUNICATING!!!

The ISI process is one designed to transform you from the inside out; to create an inner state of positive energy, belief and presence. Only by doing that can you be sure you're NOT communicating subconscious messages that are sabotaging your success. Only then can you be truly congruent and have that congruence create a climate of trust, rapport, and magnetism.

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Author's Bio: 

Dr. Steve Taubman is the president and founder of Inner Selling Institute (ISI), a company dedicated to helping sales professionals achieve results.

Before becoming a keynote speaker, sales team trainer, and best selling author, Dr. Taubman was one of the most sought after hypnotists by college and corporate markets, performing throughout the United States and the Caribbean. His programs have received rave reviews and standing ovations for their humor, energy, and polish.

His first book, UnHypnosis: How to Wake Up, Start Over, and Create the Life You're Meant to Live, received critical acclaim and became a #1 bestseller on Since that time, Dr. Taubman has been speaking to corporate groups and individuals about how to reinvent themselves and bring powerful transformational principles into their lives.

Dr. Taubman's varied and unusual background has earned him the accolade Renaissance Man. He's been a physician, hypnotist, pilot, entertainer, trainer, and author. In each case his sales skills propelled him to the top of his field.

His excitement, motivation, and enthusiasm have earned him fans worldwide while his entertaining programs continue to impact young and old alike; helping them clarify and achieve their dreams. It is Dr. Taubman's belief that everyone has a gift waiting to be discovered and unleashed, and it is his mission to help people find that inner calling.

Dr. Taubman lives with his dog, Woody, on the waterfront in Burlington, Vermont. He enjoys skiing, biking, flying, playing guitar, and pursuing his spiritual development through meditation, study and contemplation.