SATURN RETURNS are some of the most important times in your life. Saturn Returns are every 30 years. The first Saturn Return occurs between the ages of 28 and 30. The second Saturn Return occurs between ages of 58-60. The third Saturn Return occurs between the ages of 88-90.

They are so important, many people choose to get their Saturn Return chart done, for knowledge and preparation.

Here are some examples of what happened to people at their Saturn Returns. As you can see, this time-frame is so monumental, it often involves name changes.

At his first Saturn Return, Lt. Col. Thomas Edward Lawrence, a British soldier, was sent into the desert to report on the Arab nationalist movements. He was later known as Lawrence of Arabia. He did not live to experience his second Saturn Return.

Karol Wojtyla became Pope John Paul II at the time of his second Saturn Return.

Philippe Jaroussky won the French lyrtic artist award in his new field – counter tenor – at his first Saturn Return.

At his first Saturn Return, Winston Churchill became a liberal in Parliament (over Tariff Reform), an event which would have lasting repercussions in his life.

Beethoven, aware of his impending deafness, released his first symphony at his first Saturn Return.

At his second Saturn Return, Richard Nixon, a Quaker, had achieved the withdrawal of all US troops from Vietnam.

At her first Saturn Return, the Diamond Necklace Affair occurred, which most historians agree was what sealed Marie Antoinette’s fate with the French people. This set the stage for her eventual beheading. In truth, she was actually barely implicated in the scandalous affair.

Pablo Picasso’s second Saturn Return encompassed his Analytic Cubism period (1909–1912), which he developed along with Braque. His 3rd Saturn Return, encompassed a prolific period of paintings and copperplate etchings (1968-1971). At first ignored or reviled, they later were identified asneo-expressionism, which he had “discovered”.

It was at his first Saturn Return that Adolf Hitler returned to Munich after World War I ended, and joined the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. Two years later he was elected part chairman or “Fuehrer.”

At his first Saturn Return, Joseph Ratzinger became a professor at Freising College and the University of Bonn, later to become one of the best-known Catholic theologicans. He ultimately became Pope Benedict XVI, the intellectual Pope who does not offer “apologies.”

Luciano Pavarotti made his American debut in opera and his debut at La Scala in Italy during his first Saturn Return. During his second Saturn Return, he separated from his wife of 35 years.

Papa got a brand new bag on his first Saturn Return. This was the time when James Brown’s records began to top the charts. During his second Saturn Return he was just out of prison (again), then in and out or rehab, saying “Success isn’t everything” and determined to redo ‘soul’.

In order to fulfill his mission to modernize Russia, Peter the Great needed to control the church which was powerful, understandably resistant, and in possession of great wealth in the form of vast amounts of land and serfs. At his first Saturn Return, the head of the church, Patriarch Adrian died. This allowed Peter to gain control of church property and make the church a department of the state thereby subordinate to his will. Peter the Great did not live for his second Saturn Return.

At his first Saturn Return, Temujin had united the smaller Mongol confederation. He offered civilians and soldiers the promise of wealth from future spoils of war in return for their absolute obedience to his rule of law, the Yassa code. The stage was set for Genghis Khan. At his second Saturn Return, Genghis Khan established his headquarters in Karakorum and used it as a base for his invasion of China.

At her first Saturn Return, Eleanor of Aquitaine, at one time the wealthiest and most powerful woman in Europe, was unhappily married to King Louis of France. Pope Eugenius III would not grant them quarrelling couple a divorce, but in 1152, Louis was able to convince an archbishop to annul the marriage. This freed Eeanor of Aquitaine to marry King Henry II of England, 6 weeks later.

Saturn Returns are indeed powerful times, as you can see. If you have one coming up, or a loved one does, check into it early to be prepared.

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