With the price of gas rising almost daily, people are beginning to look for ways to save money and improve gas mileage. Most people can’t go out and buy new hybrid cars. There are also many people recommending that you change your own vehicle so it runs on water gas. However, this is written for those who are skeptical of the water power vehicles and just want to find ways to save money on gas and get better gas mileage.
You improve gas mileage just by keeping your vehicle clean. The more things you have in your car weighing it down, the worse your gas mileage gets. Take the time to clean out your car. Get rid of absolutely everything inside of your vehicle that you do not need to have with you.
Another one of the ways to save money on gas is to never ever buy gas during rush hour. Gas stations hike up their prices during this time because that’s when most people get gas. So it’s best to wait until late in the evening, unless of course you are up well before rush hour.
Drive slower to improve gas mileage. Every 10 miles an hour faster that you drive, your vehicle increases the amount of gas that it consumes. It’s especially important to slow down in stop and go traffic. Many vehicles accelerate and brake rapidly, greatly decreasing their gas mileage. Drive at an even pace. Cruise control is ideal when possible to increase gas mileage.
Use google to search for the lowest gas prices in your area. In this economy little savings are important and can add up.
Another way to save money on gas is by combining trips. Do all of your errands in one trip. Know exactly where you need to go and plan your route ahead of time.
In the current economy, it’s becoming extremely difficult to save money and to improve gas mileage. However, it’s necessary in order to save your finances. Try these ideas to improve gas mileage. You’ll save money and you’ll have the added benefit of reducing your emissions and helping the environment.

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