Have you ever been out in the world and some person or event sends you into a flying hag bag of negative emotions? Or you feel overwhelmed with downbeat thoughts like anger, fear, sadness and all of their cousins, namely guilt, jealousy, revenge and manipulation? This is what my Gramma Schredd called Mind Poo. Mind Poo distorts your perceptions, affects your actions and destroys whatever glimmers of happiness or fun have found their way to you. Maybe you’re angry with your parents, scared about the state of the world or sad because of some terrible event. So often we pretend these rotten feelings don’t exist and then we store them as bad vibes in our bodies.

When you buy into these thoughts, your emotions get involved and that’s when it gets ugly. Mind Poo will keep your shoulders tense, your chest tight, provide plenty of headaches, anxiety attacks and tension in the jaw. Look for all kinds of bonus diseases like cancer or depression. It can impair your concentration and create a barrage of harsh negative statements. It will affect your sleeping patterns and your appetite. Mind Poo also encourages isolation, thereby boosting your alcohol or drug intake and increasing your craving for junk food. In extreme cases, it may leave you feeling overwhelmed, hopeless and suicidal. Mind Poo makes it very difficult to smile, giggle or laugh.

Take a look at the people around you. Do they beam? Do you see a glow? Or do they look a little dull? If you look deep into their eyes, you can actually see whether they’re angry, scared, sad, neutral or glad. Look at yourself in the mirror-not a glance but an honest evaluation. What do you see? Is there a shade of Mind Poo there? Don’t worry, it’s not the real you.

Where does the Mind Poo come from? Imagine your body is a radio receiver. There are heaps of radio stations you can tune into. Some are fantastic spiritual stations like joy, fun and love. You can tune into negative stations like anger, sadness, fear or guilt. Depending on where you are, some stations broadcast at a stronger signal than others. All these stations are broadcasting twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Once you discover you’re tuned into the wrong station, how do you turn the dial? It begins when you realize that the Mind Poo never was you, it never has been you and it never will be you. Hallelujah. You will experience anger, fear, sadness, guilt and a host of other negative emotions, but they are not you. They are just bad radio signals that exist and weave their way through every corner of the planet.

Turning off the Mind Poo doesn’t mean the bad stations aren’t broadcasting, it just means you aren’t listening to the signal. All you have to do is learn how to spin the dial when you’ve made the wrong selection. Everybody tunes into Mind Poo every now and then. It’s just a matter of how long you keep listening. Be aware of the triggers that change the radio station from love and joy to pissed off and angry. A car cuts you off in traffic; the kids don’t hang up their jackets; the phone company overcharges you. Regular day-to-day things can tweak you into Mind Poo radio, but you don’t have to listen.

When you become stuck in Mind Poo, it can be very difficult to get out of it. Your perception of problems becomes so distorted you believe you have no control over your life. Mind Poo loves to impose imagined barriers on you that don’t exist in reality. Dealing with your Mind Poo is like being an athlete. During the training process, you may experience challenge, pain and suffering. Through this method, you gain physical fitness and a sense of well-being. Working through Mind Poo may be a little challenging, but eventually it will improve your day-to-day happiness levels.

Mind Poo is like the pain you get when you stick your hand in a fire. It lets you know that you need to attend to a problem-like getting your bubbling hand out of there. Instead of a burnt hand, your problem may be addressing situations where patience, courage, compassion, self-esteem, love, kindness or strength are the remedies. If your Mind Poo goes untreated, it will eventually consume you, festering inside your body and controlling your innate ability to enjoy life.

There are a few other flavors of Mind Poo, like control, perfection, jealousy, manipulation, rudeness, gossiping and revenge, which can be detrimental to your happiness. We have become so used to them in our daily lives that we begin to think of them as normal states.

Mind Poo can never be eliminated. It has the license to broadcast all over the planet. All you need to do is simply flip the tuner to a channel that is broadcasting a happier message. Of course, we all want to be free of suffering and negative emotions, but we need to be proactive in solving our problems and discovering solutions on every level. Sometimes there is a root to the problem, sometimes there isn’t. The point is not to stick a fork in your back and keep rotating the fork and wondering why it’s so painful; just take the fork out.

Admit you are having problems so you can get rid of them. Figure out what is tuning you into these negative radio stations. If you fail to deal with them, they will eventually convince you that you are worthless, that you are inadequate and undeserving of a giggle-filled pleasure ride in life.

Would the real you (I mean the you that keeps your heart pumping, your brain thinking and your muscles moving) want you to feel bad? Never. The sole purpose of the real you is to keep you at your optimum level of health. Getting past Mind Poo will allow you to hear your intuition and your heart. Following your heart will always take you
to the right place. Trust the inner you. It knows a lot more than you give it credit for. When all the stress, anger, fear, sadness, guilt, jealousy and hang-ups are gone, all that’s left is beautiful you.

Mind Poo is a natural part of life, but it’s not you, it never has been you and it never will be you. You may get angry, sad or scared, but you are not those things. Mind Poo can be totally irrational but decline to be outfaced by irrational things. You are not a storage facility for negative emotions. Watch out for the trolls and dream-crushers. Every minute that you remain caught in Mind Poo is sixty seconds of lost happiness.

What I can’t understand is why people will fight tooth and nail to stay miserable. They have so much opportunity to break free of the blues, but they just can’t take the thought of letting go. Then they get together with other negative people and share all their Mind Poo to brew a batch of negative stew. Whether it is in business or in life, stay away from these people. Don’t eat the stew at the Negativity Café.

Having a fun way of thinking is wonderful therapy for counteracting these negative states of mind. People who put their minds on a negative-thought fast do not become nincompoops who live in a make-believe world. They become happy, peaceful souls. Grab this problem by the horns-the real you is a sparkly spirit that wants to be happy.

If you’re currently carrying lots of baggage, it’s not that you deserve it. It’s the fact that you have chosen to keep it. Your body is not a cruise ship for vacationing negative thoughts. Confront your Mind Poo and courageously face your problems head on. Never deny your troubles but never own them either. Do you want all this Mind Poo around until you’re dead? If you are full of Mind Poo, there will be no room left over for happiness or fun.

If you’ve spent a good part of your life being trapped in Mind Poo, don’t expect to change in an instant. You have the knowledge and the tool of personal choice to get you out of it, but you will drift back. Mind Poo will work hard to try to prove these theories wrong, so why not try to prove them right? That way you are in control of making your life a pleasure-filled joyride rather than an uninspiring, day-to-day survival test.

Maybe you need professional help with the Mind Poo you are experiencing. Maybe you just need a weekend of adventure. It could be as simple as taking the time to read a good book or go for a walk in the woods. Do whatever it takes. Until you be-come uncompromising in your extermination of extraneous Mind Poo, you will be destined to be miserable. Make stomping out Mind Poo an absolute priority.

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Author Ted Schredd has been a fun researcher for the past fifteen years. Ted wrote "Gramma Knows the F Word"- How adults can discover more fun in their life - to inspire people to enjoy their lives. Available at www.amazon.com - Please come and visit www.discoverfun.com