Chi Kung is a mysterious subject to be discussed. Since the Chi Kung has a tremendous biological effect upon the human body, the functions of the human body should be investigated thoroughly for a better understanding about Chi Kung. The human body in good health is in a state of homeostasis. In order to be homeostasis, the body must be allowed to perform its function ultimately. Firstly, we need to know how the human body functions. Secondly, we shall find a way to keep the body in excellent health.

The human body requires nourishment and oxygen to keep its vital balance. It is a fact that the human body can survive longer without food than the lack of oxygen. It is because all the organs are made up of body cells. For instance, the heart tissues are made of the cardiac muscle cells. The cardiac muscle cells depend on oxygen to produce energy to survive. Without oxygen the heart will come to a cardiac arrest and it is hard to revive for more then six(6) minutes. To keep the heart pumping continuously, a constant source of oxygen is a necessity for energizing the cells.

The provision of oxygen to the heart is the function of the lungs. The crucial point is that can the lungs deliver a maximum volume of oxygen to the heart. Probably not! Now a days, breathing improperly is a common problem to most people. Hence, the provision of a maximum volume of oxygen for the heart is not possible. Therefore, the cardiac muscle do not have enough energy generated for full contraction. Then, poor blood circulation results causing high blood pressure. The worse of all, there will not be enough oxygen distribution for the rest of the body to function to the full extent.

The brain cells do not regenerate which is similar to the cardiac muscle cells; they will die without oxygen. Due to the lack of oxygen, the brain will not function properly. Thus the coordination of arms and legs will be less responsive in some dangerous situations.

People with slow chronic illnesses are due to the lack of oxygen. Heart failure is most common due the insufficient of oxygen. It has the ripple effect to the brain as well. Breathing improperly is the major cause of oxygen deficiency. Fortunately, people with breathing problems can be corrected by the breathing technique in Chi Kung. If the breathing problems are corrected, inhalation of oxygen will be increased in the respiratory system. Breathing slowly will allow the red blood cells having more time to pink up the oxygen for circulation.

The first organ that the oxygenated blood goes into is the heart. Therefore, the heart has the first priority in utilizing the oxygen to produce the energy for full contraction. Hence, the function of the heart is at the full capacity to circulate the rest of the oxygenated blood throughout the body.

Practicing Chi Kung is the best way to correct breathing problem and to have better body coordination. Indeed, it will improve the overall health of the human body. Breathing will be done naturally by following the gentle exercise of the slow movements. During the exercise, a maximum volume of oxygen will be inhaled into the lungs. Hence, the breathing and slow movements are in a closed biological loop which was a significant discovery by the ancients.

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Mr. James Lee is a practitioner of Tai Chi and Chi Kung for more than thirty years. Since his homeostasis was gained from the practice of Chi Kung, he would like to have the mystery of Chi Kung resolved once and for all by seeking a scientific explanation of the eastern concepts by integrating with the western modern science and technology. He is in the process of developing a DVD, may be called "The Simpleffection of Chi Kung.' The steps are simple and effective and easy to follow without verbal instructions; and they can be practiced almost anywhere at any time. May be he will share it with you someday, so everyone will be in a state of homeostasis. His email is