The oxygen in the air are free for all. Oxygen is the basic element provided by Nature to sustain life on earth. Breathing is a vital process mandated by human. Hence, Nature also provided a respiratory system for human in association with the basic element.

The function of the respiratory system of the human body is to manage the air quality before entering the blood circulatory system. The filthy air through the nose is filtered by the nostril hairs; the air is moistened and warmed in the trachea before goes into the lungs; and the bacterias are engulfed by the the white blood cells in the lungs.

The primary organ of the respiratory system are the lungs. The lungs are the only channel that can exchange gases between the human body and the external atmosphere. When breathing, oxygen are inhaled and carbon dioxide are exhaled through the lungs. However, the amount of these gases can be controllable in the breathing process by human intervention. The controllable process through human intervention is by Chi Kung.

Under ideal conditions, one should inhale until the lungs are completely inflated; and exhale until the lungs are completely deflated. The inflation indicates that the lungs are filled with air to their full capacity. The deflated lungs indicate that most of the carbon dioxide had been removed. The abdomen expends due to the inflation of the lungs. In Chi Kung, this breathing method is called the abdominal breathing. The method is ideal for inducing a large amount of air into the lungs to provide oxygen for the human body.

Chi Kung has the ability to control the amount of air flow and the duration that air can stay inside the lungs. During inhalation, the goal is to fill the lungs with oxygen to their full capacity. The oxygen should remain in the lungs, as long as possible, to be collected by the red blood cells before exhalation. If the oxygen were exhaled too soon before they are collected by the red blood cells, it would be a waste of breath so to speak. The objective for practicing Chi Kung is to provide and preserve as much as oxygen inside the human body for muscle contraction.

The ultimate goal of the respiratory system is to provide and preserve a large amount of oxygen to the human body. Chi Kung will fulfill the ultimate goal. Besides deep breathing, slight muscle contraction is another requirement by Chi Kung. Indeed, deep breathing and muscle contraction will complete the biochemical-mechanical loop which takes place inside the human body constantly. The biochemical-mechanical loop, generates the energy by Cell Respiration, is the whole concept of Chi Kung.

Understanding the biochemical-mechanical loop, from oxygen-to-energy(ATP), will reveal the secret why Chi Kung strengthened the human body, the immune system and destroy cancer cells before they expand. Hopefully, the mystery of Chi Kung will be no longer a myth.

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Mr. James Lee is a practitioner of Tai Chi and Chi Kung for more than thirty years. Since his homeostasis was gained from the practice of Chi Kung, he would like to have the mystery of Chi Kung resolved once and for all by seeking a scientific explanation of the eastern concepts by integrating with the western modern science and technology. He is in the process of developing a DVD, may be called "The Simpleffective Chi Kung Method.' The steps are simple and effective and easy to follow without verbal instructions; and they can be practiced almost anywhere at any time. May be he will share it with you someday, so everyone will be in a state of homeostasis. His email is