Those who do not exercise, the problems they are having are shallow breathing and weak muscles. These conditions can be improved progressively by practicing Tai Chi or Chi Kung. The only difference, between the two, is the amount of movements involved. Tai Chi is more stressful at the beginning and required determination and patience; and Chi Kung is not stressful at all. People with breathing problems can be corrected with both exercises. However, if people want to improve their health and physical being, Tai Chi is the best choice.

It is not feasible for people to exercise from a cold start, especially had not moved for awhile. It is because the muscles are not suitable for any drastic movements. Therefore, the muscles have to start moving slowly to adjust to the telemetry of the proper body movements. The muscles of a beginner cannot endure the force exerted by Tai Chi. However, Chi Kung is more moderate; it does not require to place all the body weight on one leg at a time as in Tai Chi.

People who practice Tai Chi will feel the sore and pain in the legs in the first few weeks. Eventually, the leg muscles are becoming stronger to support the whole body weight and the pains will went away. The arm muscles will be transformed from slow twitch to fast twitch. The muscles are totally in control by the mind. The mind knows exactly how to move and where to move it to. Hence, the reflexes are much quicker then any ordinary person. The reactions are much faster to defend oneself in any danger situations.

Many people thought Tai Chi is always in slow motion. However, the fourth level of Tai Chi is fast Tai Chi. After long practice of the slow movements, all the muscles are so adjusted to move in any direction with any strength in magnitude as directed by the mind. Another reason for the movements, not necessary slow, is to increase cell respiration to produce the energy requires for muscle contraction. While the breathing and movements are taking place, there is a biochemical process also taking place inside the body cells producing the energy continuously.

The ancients thought chi was the energy breathed from the air. The did the right thing to practice Chi Kung to generate tremendous body energy. They have the right idea but the wrong concept. The energy is indirectly from the air because actually it is the oxygen in the air that breaks down to glucose to produce the biological energy(ATP). As long there are oxygen provided, each molecule of glucose can produce 38 molecules of ATP by aerobic respiration. However, there are only 36 molecules for muscle contractions and other functions of the body because the cell used the other two.

Cell respiration takes place inside the mitochondria within the body cells. All muscle contractions get the energy from the mitohondria. There are millions and millions of mitochondria in the human body, can you imagine how much energy can they be produced all at one time? The people who practice Chi Kung should be able to feel the energy they have possessed inside their bodies.

After few years of Tai Chi practice, the coordination of the body movements will be totally under mind control. The nerves are much more sensitive and reflexes quicker than before. In later practice the movements can be moved faster. As a result, cell respiration will speed up the function of the internal organs and mitosis to replace the old dead cells at a faster rate.

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Mr. James Lee is a practitioner of Tai Chi and Chi Kung for more than thirty years. Since his homeostasis was gained from the practice of Chi Kung, he would like to have the mystery of Chi Kung resolved once and for all by seeking a scientific explanation of the eastern concepts by integrating with the western modern science and technology. He is in the process of developing a DVD, may be called "The Simpleffective Chi Kung Method." The steps are simple and effective and easy to follow without verbal instructions; and they can be practiced almost anywhere at any time. May be he will share it with you someday, so everyone will be in a state of homeostasis. His email is