In the eastern martial art society, there is always an old Chinese saying: ”Have chi will have strength.” From these words, there is a distinction between chi and strength. In order to have body strength, chi(air) must be present. Hence, the chi-strength idea coincides with the oxygen-energy theory in the metabolism process, the cell respiration.

In martial arts, each practitioner always hold the breath before strike and release the breath during or after the strike. Of course, only a maximum force can be obtained by holding the breath. Energy can only released as it was being generated. After exhalation, you are the weakest person in the world at the moment. For fact, let's do a demonstration to prove the chi-strength theory.

Take a deep breath and hold it for 1 to 2 minutes while picking up a 40 to 50 pound object. Now, put down the heavy object and release your breath. Take another deep breath and then release it again. Without taking another breath and try to pick up the heavy object again. You should not able to pick it up because there is not enough chi inside you to produce the energy for your body strength.

Another good example, have you ever noticed that someone always take and hold a deep breath before breaking a brick or board? Well, this is another good indication of “have-chi-will-have-strength.”

In the western world, this phrase was never came across. People are so confused about the term Chi. Sometimes people referred Chi as Energy; sometimes as Air or Breath. In the most explanation of Chi Kung, Chi was referred as Energy that we breath from the Air.

This idea is yes and no. Is Chi in the Air? Yes, Chi is the Chinese character for Air, therefore of course that Chi is in the Air. Is Energy in the Air? No, because Chi is Air not energy. If we treat Chi as oxygen, yes, then Chi is in the Air. Hence Chi(oxygen) is what we breathe and used for breaking down the glucose for energy(ATP) as explained in the modern science books.

Martial artists holding their breath, before strike or attack, shows that breathing air from space is the essential factor for building up the body strength. Have-chi-will-have-strength has a strong indication that Chi is Air, because it makes more sense that we are breathing air into the lungs rather then breathing energy. Especially, cell respiration is a strong supporting factor that oxygen is required for the production of energy. Therefore, there is nothing that can rebut that Chi is not air nor oxygen.

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Mr. James Lee is a retired engineer and a practitioner of Tai Chi and Chi Kung for more than thirty years. He did not get sick in the last five years not ever with a cold. Since his homeostasis was gained from the practice of Chi Kung, he would like to have the mystery of Chi Kung resolved once and for all by seeking a scientific explanation of the eastern concepts by integrating with the western modern science and technology. He is in the process of developing a DVD, may be called "The Simpleffective Chi Kung Method." The steps are simple and effective and easy to follow without verbal instructions; and they can be practiced almost anywhere at any time. May be he will share it with you someday, so everyone will be in a state of homeostasis. His email is