When you receive the Seal you will have healing from any depression you might have, especially in middle age. You are likely to need it, as a new study shows most people in their 40s go through a period of depression.

The study collected data on some 80 countries including 2 million people. The researchers looked at anxiety as well as depression and other mental health factors. In 90 percent of the countries they found similar results.

In those countries and for the majority of the people, their lives followed a U-shaped pattern. They started off life in their youth in good mental health. Then in their 40s they were at their lowest point on the U.

But in their 50s they were already pulling out of the U. And the researchers say that if a person can keep fit physically, in their 70s that person is as happy as a 20 year old person.

Some of the countries--10 percent of them, some of those in the developing world--did not follow this U-shaped pattern. But most of the countries did, starting a person in life at a high, dipping down to a low in the middle and then lifting them out of it as more years pass.

Yet researchers do not know why the middle ages are a "down" time for people. The study shows it happens to all people, regardless of whether or not they are married and have children or how much money they have.

A possible explanation is that people often see by middle age that they will not achieve many of their dreams in their life. That can bring them down. And another reason is that in the 40s they are introduced to mortality.

People in their 40s start to see that older people die, and it might come as a shock to them emotionally that life is truly so short. And it might take them years to recover. But when they do recover they come to value life more, seeing how it all can end.

The researchers say on average the depression does not come on suddenly. It takes years to fall to the lowest lows and they also do not come out of it until their 50s.

But there is a way you can completely bypass this U-shaped downturn in your life. You can become sealed. When you are sealed you will get closer to God. And your thoughts and feelings will change.

First, you will think and feel more positively when you are sealed. This is because you will share your thoughts and feelings with God. He is the ultimate counselor, better than any professional person you will ever meet.

Then you will overcome addictions and other bad habits. You really can change, even if it takes years to do it. You can cut out your addictions and actually feel better about yourself instead of worse.

There are also many bad habits of thought and feeling you can break. Again, you really can do it. God will help. And God's Help is the best help you can get. You will stop responding to things with a response of depression or boredom.

You will also adjust your expectations. You will learn that nothing can really satisfy you (like money or romance) except God's approval and love for you. So you will learn to be content with what you have on earth yet always striving to please God.

And finally when you are sealed you will have good causes to join and work toward. You might spread the good news about how God cured you of your depression. You might give to a religious charity, even if you are giving only your time.

When you are sealed God will help to heal you of your depression. But it is a journey and not a destination. It is a lifelong experience of learning and growing. You will outgrow depression when you receive the Seal.

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