The liver is responsible for performing more than 400 different jobs, and is the body's most important organ, functioning as a filter to cleanse the body of toxins, metabolize protein, control hormonal balance and produce immune boosting factors.

Your liver is a work horse that can even regenerate its own damaged cells! Your liver, however, is not invincible. When it lacks essential nutrients, or when it is overwhelmed by toxins, it no longer performs as it should. Hormone imbalances may develop. Fat may accumulate in the liver and just under the skin, or in other organs. Toxins build up and get into the blood stream. To keep our liver healthy we ought to consume certain foods.

• Starting the day with a glass of warm water and lemon juice benefits bile formation which is essential for optimal fat metabolism and helps to regenerate the liver.I t also promotes peristalsis the movement in the bowels that keeps waste moving along the digestive tract and out the body for elimination.

• Cranberry Juice is great for digesting fatty globules in the lymph. Cellulite is more connected to a sluggist lymphatic system than to poor muscle tone or weakened connective tissues.

• Psyllium and /or flaxseed oil is a great source of phyto-nutrients. This fibre blocks the absorption of fat, increases fat excretion and binds toxins so that they are not reabsorbed by the body .Flaxseed is also great for raising metabolism, and is able to attract and bind the oil soluble toxins that stay lodged in the liver ,and get rid of them.

• Water flushes the toxins out of the liver and assists the liver in diluting and eliminating the body's pollutants. It also helps to empty stored stubborn fats . Drink 8 glasses of water daily.

• Eating protein daily restores the liver's health . Protein raises metabolism by 25% and activates the production of enzymes needed during detoxification to break down toxins into water soluble substances for excretion. Protein also provides amino acids such as cysteine that your body needs to produce the antioxidant gluthationeThis enzyme is one of several the overcomes the damaging free radicals produced in the liver during detoxification. Red meat such as lean beef or lamb are high in L carnitine which normalizes liver enzymes in the blood and in the metabolism of fatty acids.

• Eating fresh vegetables daily helps keep the liver healthy. Broccoli, Brussels sprouts and kale high in sulforaphane. The liver uses sulforaphane to change toxins into non toxic waste for expulsion.

• Eggs are needed by the liver to regulate bile production. It is also needed to produce lecithin which helps prevent cholesterol oxidation, which is harmful to the liver.

• Certain herbs are essential to the good health of the liver. Milk Thistle increases liver enzyme production , and helps repair damaged liver cells. Tumeric helps protect the liver from free radical damage. It is a powerful antioxidant. Orange Grape root stimulates the liver to control bile production. Dandelion Root stimulates the liver to produce more bile.Garlic and onion help to keep the blood alkaline and encourages bile secretion and aids liver function.

• Foods to exclude from the diet include caffeine, sugar, alcohol, yeast based foods such as bread and soy sauce ,vinegars, except apple cider vinegar, and trans fat.

Dr Miller's Wholy Tea contains milk thistle, Holy Thistle, permission leaves ,malva leaves, marshmallow leaves. It cleans the liver and kidney and detoxifies the entire digestive system. Wholy tea can be bought at Nucell Canada.

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Betty Hart is a retired Education Officer. She spent 45 years in this field educating children. Having served people all her life ,she still desires to continue in this capacity, so she has done extensive research in the field of health. She believes in taking supplements to reverse the signs of aging and products to detoxify the body and keep it from getting diseases. She has done a lot of experimenting on herself and has identified a few very exclusive and fine products for maintaining health at a very high standard. She supplies these products to the international community from her website,

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