Did you know that Sedona was voted the most beautiful place to live or visit in USA Today. Here are my favorite places to experience breath taking beauty.

• I love the Red Rocks in Sedona and you won’t find anything more beautiful anywhere in the world. You won’t have to hunt to find them they are everywhere you look.

• The reason I love the red rocks is they are a rare rock formation not found in many places on the earth. The red comes from the high iron content in the rock formations.

• I love the hiking trails located in all directions. People travel from around the world to hike these trails. A hike is a good way to get out among the rocks and soak in the views.

• The hiking trails are both easy and challenging and give you as much of a workout as you wish to set up for yourself. Oak Creek Canyon being one of the most beautiful and sought after trails—and one of my favorites.

• I love the sunrises and the sunsets. We have some of the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets in the world. When the time comes for sunset you find standing room only on Airport Mesa lookout point.

• Our sunsets are quoted as being one of the most breath taking sites in the world. Arizona's spectacular sunsets reach their pinnacle here. If you don’t like the crowds at the airport lookout, try on the patio at Canyon Breeze restaurant. Another less-crowded alternative is the first turnout going up the hill on Schnebly Road.

• I love the vortex sites. Another natural wonder of the world. Because of the high iron content and the high crystalline content of the limestone white rocks the combination of rock formations forma natural magnetic vortex energy.

• The energy of the sites, are easy for me, as I have been a practicing energy healer for over twenty five years. Some people feel the energy and others consider it new age woo-woo. But most agree that they feel a special peace in Sedona that they have not experienced anywhere else. The beauty along with the peaceful feeling have a large percentage of the people who visit Sedona considering making it their home.

Take a look at this Squidoo city guide for Sedona, Arizona at http:squidoo.com/sedonaarizona. Put Sedona on your wish board as your next spiritual vacation. Imagine surrounding yourself in the beauty of Sedona and returning to your life refreshed with your body, mind and spirit renewed.
© copyright 2008 Annie B Lawrence, PhD, CHT

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