I'm often asked—and it's a begging question, because I'm out there promoting the concept—"What makes a person exceptional?"

The real way to phrase the question, of course, is, "How can I be exceptional, and how can I get ahead in my enterprise, organization, or my own business?"

Well, it's real simple, especially inside an organization or an enterprise—but it applies equally in your own business. What you really want to do is exactly what you ought to do.

I'm talking about the fact that there are so many slackers—there are so many people trying to get by on just the minimum they can get by on—that it's not that hard to be exceptional, if you do what you really should.

I'm reminded of one of Henry Ford's quotes. He said, "Most people are out there trying to see what the maximum is that they can get for a dollar. If you would just make one little mental shift, your fortunes would increase dramatically."

And these, by the way, are words of advice from the guy who was, in his time, the richest man in the world—who did, in his time, operate and control 70% of the world's output of automobiles. He said, "If you'll try to see how much you can give for a dollar, your whole life will change."

And isn't that exactly where Henry Ford had his genius and his fortune? Henry Ford didn't invent the automobile—no way, no how, no stretch. See, you don't even have to invent; you don't even have to be original.

Henry Ford didn't even invent the assembly line. He copied it from another industry. If memory serves me right (and I'm not going to go down on record on this), he saw a cattle packing plant in action. Whatever it was, he took that idea and applied it and said, "Now I can make an affordable automobile."

And I wish the same for you. See how much you can give for a dollar, and watch your fortunes prosper!

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