Light is all around you. You give and receive light. You are the light! Without light, there would be no life.

Your face is no exception. Your face reflects and responds to light. The way it reflects light reveals a lot about you, and the way each facial feature reflects or responds to the light.

An example would be a person with very deep set eyes. Trying cupping your hands around the eyes as if you were protecting them from the light (the sun). Deep set eyes are a metaphor for protecting or guarding yourself as if backed into a cave. You may look relaxed, but you are constantly analyzing your outer
world to protect your inner self.

Opposed to that, are eyes that protrude out (convex) or bulge out into the light (Susan Sarandon). You want to be included. You want to get involved, participate in everything, and you may feel left out if you’re not included.

Another example of response to light is very low heavy brow ridge. This feature of the forehead protects the brain. The forehead indicates your thought style. The brow ridge is like the bill of a cap, shading you from the light. You usually want to know the right way of doing things and like to follow set procedures and rules.

You don’t use theoretical or philosophical approaches. You want a concrete plan of action.

The chin also reflects the light. It displays an assertive, competitive, or aggressive tendencies. If you have a large strong chin that thrusts out into the light, you assert yourself out into the world. But if your chin is small and receding, it seems to hide in the shadow of the rest of your face. Your prefer compromise.

Large noses also reflect the light. A very large nose reflects much light, indicating you have a strong desire to make a big impact on your work world.

Prominent cheeks are an excellent example of responding to the light. If you have high prominent, light-reflecting cheeks, you usually command attention as soon as you enter a room. You announce your arrival with them. Many models and movie stars have this feature/quality. Because of this, others may be jealous from others. If this is the case, share the spotlight. Some people may over react to the symbols of personal power.

Light does affect your face and its personality. Use it to your advantage and share your light and energy.

Kathy Thompson, Writer, Speaker, Profiler, has been studying
"Faces" for over 10 years. Discover how your face reflects
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