Sky-bound, an emerald of flourishing senses
A horizon prized with glorious veracity
Higher ground lifting me, lifting you
A luxurious playground of karmic delight
Rotating an exotic vortex, a sacred ceremony
Tangled up in greatness, beyond imagination
A knot asphyxiated by destiny
Pendulum of scarcity, yesterdays' thought
Halted without coherent reasoning
A gift indeed
Imagination and reality form a singular view
A view fictitiously displayed by others until now
Merciful, unconditioned tears illustrate gratitude
Now all anew, nothing looks the same
A masterpiece humanly impossible to imagine
Perfectly sculptured, outlined with peace
Shadows of our bodies now blanket mountains
Time collapsing, eternity kneels before us,

Copyright ©2007 Lilian B. Eden

Author's Bio: 

Medium/Psychic, leading Spiritual Teacher, Lilian Eden has soothed many by her successful Meditation Cd's which has only been available in Europe (soon to be released in North America). In her latest book (available 2008), is an exciting, down-to-earth, emotionally charged and interactive book encompassing a unique eclectic approach mixed with her experiences as a Psychic/Medium and her poetry. Currently, Lilian Eden is residing in both Los Angeles and Toronto, traveling to different cities where she is giving lectures, readings and conducting development (psychic/mediumship) workshops.