Do you ever wonder why some people glow when they walk into a room? You can too! Make yourself a promise/a commitment that you will take these three steps to bring more self-confidence into your life. I’d love to follow your progress.

Who are you? Do you really know? Do you love yourself? ...Do you ever wonder why some people glow when they walk into a room? You can too! Make yourself a promise/a commitment that you will take these three steps to bring more self-confidence into your life. I’d love to follow your progress.

Who are you? Do you really know? Do you love yourself? Some of you may cringe when you even see that last question, and some of you might say, “Yes, I do love myself!” GREAT FOR YOU! HOORAY! I’m going to give you three steps to use over three days to start changing or improving your relationship with yourself and others and to give you the self-confidence that you need to begin making positive changes in your life.

Step 1/ Day 1

Become friends with your mirror. “That’s scary,” some of you may be thinking. Others are saying, “What’s the big deal?” For those of you who are saying that, I applaud you: You have either been working on yourself for a while or you’re just happy with you. Bravo to you. We’re all in different places, and that’s okay. Begin this process wherever you are right now.

Look into the mirror. Just look at your face today. Find one thing about it that you like, love, or are comfortable with. You have many choices. Maybe there’s something you like about your eyes, your lips, that cute dimple in your cheek or chin, your eyebrows or eyelashes, your hair, your ears, your complexion, the shape of your chin, your cheeks, or cheek bones. Pick just ONE thing today that you like, even if you like it only a little. There has to be something special or unique about your face.

Then recite to yourself, three times to begin with, whatever it is that you like, love, or are comfortable with. For instance: “I love my eyes,” “I have the most beautiful eyes,” “My eyes are beautiful and mysterious.” Now if you really don’t love something, you could also have fun using your mind. You could compare something about your face to something that you do like. For example: “My eyes are as blue as the ocean, and I love the ocean.”

Now, take this out with you into the Universe. Bring this affirmation into your day: “I love my eyes.” Say it throughout the day. Write it on a piece of paper and put it in your wallet or hang it near your desk or on your computer. Don’t be shocked to find that people say the same type of thing to you that you are affirming that day. Whatever you focus on is what you get in life.(I will be writing more about that in future articles.) It’s what I truly believe. It happens to me over and over again.
For those of you who can’t find anything to like about yourself, practice this: Instead of choosing something that you like about your face, find something that you feel that you’re good at…even if it seems only a little…such as:

I am a good person.
I am a good friend.
I am a good mother/father.
I am a good housewife/provider.
I am a good sister, brother, daughter, son, gardener, manager, secretary, entrepreneur, woman, man, teacher, leader, writer, creator, cook, chef, foreman or artist.

Take that saying out into the world the rest of the day. Write it down, look at it, and devour it. Get excited about it. You could even do both affirmations if you’re ready to really change today. If you already like something about your face and you also think you’re a good mom or a good person, recite both of them. It can only improve your day and your life. In this case, more is better.

This is your first step to gaining more self-confidence and learning how to love yourself and, in the process, receiving more love and being more open to accepting compliments.

Step 2/Day 2

Now that we’re getting familiar with “our friend the mirror,” let’s look into it again. This time you will be looking at the rest of your body. Just look at your body if you do not have a full-length mirror. There’s something about your body that you like, even just a little bit. Come on, you can find it, that one thing that’s even just okay. Your baby toe perhaps, the way your toenails look when they are polished, the way they look when they are natural, your calves, your shins, your arms, your legs, your thighs, that cute little freckle or beauty mark on your body, your muscles, your beard, your mustache, your nails, your fingers, your pale skin, your light skin, your dark skin, your tan. Honor one part of your body today.

Here are some examples of honoring this body part:
I love my calves. (You could add, they are strong and muscular or they help to support me.)
I love my legs; they help me to walk or to move forward.
I love my hands; they help me to write and/or do daily chores.
I love my arms; they are toned and firm.
I love my chest; it’s beautiful or it’s just the right size or it’s voluptuous or it’s sexy.
I love my curves. (You do not have to add why you love them. You could just say, “I love my behind,” but some of you might need to state why. We each need to do it in our own way to make it work for us.

You could love a part of you because you think it’s beautiful, or love or appreciate it for what it is doing to help you be active and alive on a daily basis.
Just as you did in Step 1/Day 1, if you cannot find anything good about your body, please recite another/different positive affirmation today. Refer to Step1/Day 1 for examples. Walk around on day two reciting your affirmation, write it down, post it somewhere if possible, and take it out there into the Universe. Stand tall today, shoulders back, chin up, and just DO IT!!!!

Step 3/ Day 3

On this day, really look in the mirror. I mean really. Look into your own eyes. WOW, this is a powerful one. Really look. Tell yourself something good about yourself. Again, as stated in Step 2/Day 2, there is something in life that you are good at. Here are more examples:

I am an understanding boss.
I am a leader.
I am a good communicator.
I am a very interesting speaker.
I am a good mommy/daddy.
I am a good partner.
I am a great dancer, friend, scrapbook creator, seamstress, or real estate agent.
I am a great entrepreneur, waitress, or daughter.
I am a great manager, father, volunteer, or listener.
I am beautiful.
I am handsome.
I have beautiful hair.
I am a fantastic businesswoman/man.

Just writing those statements make me happy, and some of them do not even apply to me. One might resonate with you. If not, please find your own that fits the person who you are. These are just to give you ideas in case you cannot think of anything. I do find that sometimes it helps to fabricate the truth a bit to your mind. What I mean by this is, “Act as if.” Even if you do not really think it, state it, and eventually it will be who you become. I’ll share more about Acting-as-if you’re already there in another article or seminar.

Now take this new affirmation into the world and you will see that in just three small steps, three days, your self-confidence is already changing. Others may even be treating you differently.

Just by following these steps, you could find yourself in a different state of mind with more self-confidence. This is just the beginning, but it’s a start. If you’re interested in more articles, seminars, and/or coaching, please let me know.

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Marion Licchiello-Lenz is a Writer, Self Empowerment Coach and an Intuitive Coach. She blogs for the Poughkeepsie Journal about getting motivated, staying positive, and getting fit.

In addition, you can find her as a feature writer at Country Courier magazine. Her weekly articles follow her accomplishments, trials and tribulations with being, getting and staying healthy - mind, body and spirit.

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